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Invirtus Releases VM Optimizer 2.5

Introducing version 2.5! Whether you are involved in testing, development, prototyping, disaster recovery, system deployment, training, IT production, demonstrations or labs, smaller and faster virtual machines will save you time and money and make your job easier.

Smaller, faster virtual disks mean better virtual machine performance, more efficient use of your physical hard drive space, thus significantly reducing the time spent copying, moving, backing-up, deploying and archiving virtual machine image files. Virtual machines that are up to 80% smaller are more easily utilized via CD or DVD or shared with colleagues over your network or the internet.

VM Optimizer automatically reduces your Microsoft Windows based virtual machines to their smallest possible size and enhances the performance of your Microsoft Windows-based virtual machines.
VM Optimizer is designed to work with vmdk files from VMware Workstation, VMware Server, VMware ACE, VMware GSX Server, VMware ESX Server (read about ESX Server support). VM Optimizer is also designed to work with vhd files from Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. VM Optimizer is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes that rely upon virtual machines to accelerate their business cycle.

Besides Being Faster and Better, What's New?

  • Settings Manager:

With feedback from thousands of users we've heard loud and clear that you want to see what VM Optimizer is doing. Not only do we show you but we give you control.  Settings Manager is an innovative supplemental application for Corporate Edition owners that allows you to create an XML based configuration file that VM Optimizer uses at run-time.


Create a different settings file for each user type (developer, IT Admin, test), each OS type, etc.  Deploy settings on the network and run VM Optimizer against centralized settings:

            "VMO.EXE -s \\server\share\setA.xml"

  • FreeSpace

FreeSpace is an included application that integrates into the optimization process and goes sector by sector on your virtual disk thoroughly zeroing out unused space. InvirtusFreeSpace (integrated into VM Optimizer) will ensure your optimization results are as good as possible!

  • NullBoot

We've learned from customers that rebooting during optimization is a hassle. Enter NullBoot! NullBoot is our proprietary technology for implementing live core OS configuration and not requiring a reboot.

NullBoot is available in the Corporate Edition. A compliment to NullBoot is the added bonus that in the Corporate Edition there are no questions to answer and no buttons to push.

You simply mount the ISO file and your complete customized optimization takes place without intervention! It couldn't get easier!

  • VMShrink

Do you use VMware? If so, you're really going to like what we've done for you! We've written an application that integrates seamlessly with your VMware platform software and carries out the vmdk shrinking for you with zero intervention. No more having to mount your vmdk with tools and performing command line switches.

Download it, here.

Published Wednesday, September 20, 2006 6:54 AM by David Marshall
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