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IBM Launches New Virtualization Engine

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IBM has announced the next generation of tape virtualization solutions, with IBM System Storage TS7700 Virtualization Engine, a mainframe virtual-tape offering designed to improve tape processing that claims to support business continuity through grid connectivity and automated replication.

According to IBM, the TS7700 Virtualization Engine will introduce a scalable architecture for addressing burgeoning customer demands.

The new TS7700 would be built on new hardware and software architecture that incorporates global awareness functionality, to enable a virtual tape grid-computing environment. With global awareness functionality, data can reside on TS7700s at different sites, and each TS7700 will be able to track where data is located and access it.

The design will improve disaster recovery capabilities; for example, the TS7700 will automatically duplicate data to another TS7700 at a second site over standard TCP/ IP communications.

According to IBM, the TS7700 Virtualization Engine will provide performance and capacity for lowering cost of ownership for tape processing.

The TS7700 will integrate advanced performance, capacity, and data integrity design of the IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drives, with high-performance disk and a controller based on an advanced IBM System server technology, for forming a storage hierarchy managed by robust storage management firmware with self-management capability.

It includes functions such as advanced policy management to control physical volume pooling, cache management, dual copy, automatic copy across a grid network, and copy mode controls. The TS7700 will offer a standards-based management interface and enhanced statistical reporting.

The new virtualization engine contains a TS7740 Server, to provide host connection of up to four FICON channels, and connections to the tape library and tape drives for back-end tape processing.

A TS7700 with grid communication features will be interconnected with another TS7700 for providing peer-to-peer copy capability between Virtualization Engines for tape using IP network connections.

The TS7740 Server cache provides over 6 TB of tape volume cache capacity before compression. Each TS7700 supports up to a maximum of 128 3490E virtual tape drives and up to 500,000 logical volumes, each with a maximum capacity of 1.2 GB (assuming 3:1 compression) to 12 GB (assuming 3:1 compression and using the 400 to 4000 MB volume sizes).

IBM also introduced the IBM System Storage TS1120 that brings powerful security capabilities to small, medium and large businesses alike.

The TS7700 Virtualization Engine will be available on September 29, 2006 with a starting list price of $493,080. The product will be available in India after a few months.

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