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Wyse VMware thin client already bound for NZ

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Thin-client company Wyse is riding the virtualisation trend with a desktop client developed in collaboration with VMware.

The Wyse Thin OS is optimised for VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and allows users with a Wyse S10 desktop terminal to operate on any of several virtual machines residing on a remote server.

The client software with a particular user’s settings is also maintained at the server and can be downloaded to any physical location, allowing the user to have his or her own desktop anywhere.

Wyse’s vice president of operations for Asia-Pacific, Rick Ferguson, who visited New Zealand last week, says the virtualisation set-up has already been taken up by a major multinational company and will be rolled out to its New Zealand office.

Ferguson acknowledges that many network users still want their “fat” PC on the desktop; there are concerns about “loss of control” still attached to the thin client approach. But give it time, he says. “The PC has 15 to 20 years of momentum behind it; thin-client has only had six to eight.”

There are benefits of security and confidentiality inherent in the thin-client approach, he says, as well as the often-cited pluses of ease of maintenance and upgrade. The consultancy Accenture is interested in using thin clients in its Indian operations, so as to have as little data as possible belonging to the company and its American and European clients located in India. The same, Ferguson suggests, would be true of many US- and UK-based companies.

And if you accidentally leave your computer in the back of a taxi, he adds, the “finder” gets no confidential information, just a piece of hardware.

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Published Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:00 PM by David Marshall
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