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Avamar Technologies, Inc. a leading provider of enterprise data protection software, today announced support for VMware, eliminating customer challenges around quickly and efficiently backing up and recovering critical data from VMware virtual machines. With more than 20,000 customers of all sizes, VMware provides server consolidation and cost saving benefits, but with consolidation, efficient data protection becomes even more critical. Avamar addresses the need for complete, efficient and cost-effective protection of VMware environments.

VMware allows users to run 10 or more virtual machines on a single server. This consolidation can cause challenges for traditional tape backup solutions, including long backup windows, high CPU utilization, and high network utilization. Avamar’s support for VMware enables organizations to solve the challenges associated with traditional backup methods by reducing the size of backup data inside virtual machines, which dramatically reduces backup times and server resource utilization. Unlike traditional solutions, Avamar identifies redundant sub-file data segments within and across multiple virtual machines, host servers, and sites. Using patented data de-duplication and global single instance storage (SIS) technology, Avamar ensures that backup data segments are stored only once on a global basis. This effectively reduces the amount of data moved and stored by up to 300x, while providing daily full backups and rapid restores across existing LAN/WAN links. As a result, Avamar enables organizations to quickly protect VMware environments by reducing the amount of data transferred across a host server’s shared infrastructure. It also enables replication of virtual machines to remote locations in support of disaster recovery objectives.

“Avamar works seamlessly to back up our entire VMware environment, including Exchange servers, SQL servers, hospital applications servers, file and print servers, and domain controllers,” said Curtis Damhof, Network Manager at St. Peter’s Health Services. “Avamar’s data de-duplication capability reduces overhead and provides a huge time and cost savings for backup of multiple virtual machines. With Avamar, we can centrally manage all of our backups, and we also gain the important ability to rapidly restore data down to the file level.”

“Traditional data protection software would result in simultaneous backup traffic, choking the VMware host server’s CPU, memory, disk, and network components—often making it impossible to back up within available windows,” said Rory Bolt, Avamar CTO. “Unlike other solutions, Avamar removes multiple instances of redundant data across virtual machines. Every Avamar backup creates a full backup image that can be immediately restored, so multi-step recovery of full and subsequent incremental backups are never required.”

Published Saturday, September 30, 2006 9:24 PM by David Marshall
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