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PHD Technologies Creates First Virtual Backup Appliance for VMware VI3 Platform

PHD Technologies, Inc. (PHD), today announced the release of esXpress v3 for VMware VI3. With the creation of its patented VBAs, or Virtual Backup Appliances, PHD has solidified its position as the market leader.

"VBAs allow for a speed, reliability and flexibility never before seen in VMware backups," said Ken Harbin, president of PHD. "By moving the process into a virtual machine our backups have zero impact on the service console. Using virtual machines to backup virtual machines is the natural evolution in VMware backups."

esXpress v3 the only scalable and completely fault tolerant backup solution for Virtual Infrastructure 3 and ESX 2.x. And with its new backup target failover combined with DRS means no single point of failure. Also, esXpress v3 includes the ability to backup directly to the SAN from within the VBA without using the LAN. It can even backup to SAN and an FTP target simultaneously allowing backups to be replicated in real time to a customers DR center.

esXpress v3 is the only backup solution that does not require you to sacrifice security. Since esXpress v3 does not use the service console network it needs no holes opened in the firewall and no relaxing of security. And now with VirtualCenter integration all backup operations can be performed and monitored right from within VirtualCenter itself.

With esXpress 2.3 horizontal scalability was impressive, the ability of esXpress v3 to scale vertically allows for up to a 800% speed increase on 8-way servers. Instead of backing up only one VM at a time through the service console, esXpress can backup 8 VMs simultaneously in the virtual space. By leveraging resource groups in VI3 you can keep VBAs isolated ensuring they never affect overall system performance or cause non-compliance with SLAs.

"VMware has asked that third party developers move their products out of the service console and into the virtual space," said Harbin. "Well, PHD heard them. VBAs are just the beginning. PHD has some really amazing technologies planned for the coming year, including file level backup and restore within the virtual machines. At PHD we use VMware to make VMware better."


Published Sunday, October 01, 2006 5:12 PM by David Marshall
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