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DataCore Revolutionizes Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

DataCore Software has announced new, affordable, remote site Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity (BC) solutions under its Virtual Infrastructure Foundation class of products that deliver the highest levels of data protection and advanced storage management functionality. Users get all the software they need to fully manage and protect multiple terabytes of critical business data across different sites at a price point that makes it practical for small to mid-size businesses to implement high-end, data center class disaster recovery and business continuity. No other software solution on the market includes such a rich set of capabilities. These new offerings include state-of-the-art thin provisioning to automate and optimize the use of storage capacity, SANmotion to simplify data migration, storage performance acceleration software and a full range of auto-failover, auto-recovery, and advanced IP SAN mirroring data protection services that surpass the functionality found in today's limited storage arrays and pricey disaster recovery systems. This 'best in class' storage management and true multi-site data protection solution plus a full year of round-the-clock customer support, is priced at under $10,000.

"DataCore has brought to the market a new class of disaster recovery and business continuity products under its Virtual Infrastructure Foundation," said Dianne McAdam, Director, Enterprise Information Assurance, Clipper Group. "These offerings provide a rich set of functions at a very affordable price for the small to medium sized business."

The Virtual Infrastructure DR and BC packages are each priced at under $10,000, which includes a full year of customer support and the software needed to manage and protect two separately located SANmelody virtual storage servers, each capable of supporting up to 3 terabyte (TB) storage pools. The Disaster Recovery package enables a company to automatically mirror critical business data over a LAN/WAN link to a remote site that can be located hundreds to thousands of miles away. The Business Continuity package transparently mirrors, protects and manages the underlying storage that is critical to supporting the business application servers and virtual servers needed to run a business. High-availability access to storage is assured since the software supports fast, synchronous mirroring, auto-failover and auto- recovery services over a LAN or IP SAN network between buildings, campuses or cross-town distances. Automated thin provisioning of virtual capacity and SANmotion data migration software are included in both packages as standard features.

According to Jon Toigo, industry watchdog and founder of the Data Management Institute, "DataCore's latest contribution builds on a solid foundation of products offering virtualization and continuous data protection off the array, enabling companies to buy the storage they need at a price they can afford and add value in the form of software to better protect and manage information. This is key to right-sizing infrastructure to meet business requirements rather than buying hugely expensive "value-add" arrays whose real value, in financial or practical terms, is open to question."

The recent surge in sales of DataCore's Virtual Infrastructure Foundation package and iSCSI offerings, which debuted in Q4 of 2006 at VMworld and SNW, demonstrate that the IP SAN marketplace is ripe for virtualization solutions that are priced right. Demand has been overwhelming both from partners and from customers to develop a new class of affordable, feature rich solutions that deliver real utility and make it possible for small businesses to protect their vital business data assets and reap the benefits of going virtual.

The new DataCore packaged solutions create a new price class in the market. Commented Steve Kaplan, industry author and co-founder/CEO of AccessFlow, a leading DR and virtualization solution provider, "DataCore has reset what is possible for small-to-mid-size businesses in terms of data protection. These new solutions deliver a level of disaster recovery only seen in high-end data centers at a fraction of the cost. Systems with auto-failover and remote site replication for disaster recovery typically are priced at $100,000 and up. What DataCore has done with its new Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions is to bring enterprise-class, data center disaster recovery down to the level where these high-end features are affordable. Smaller businesses need to eliminate downtime and protect their systems. And just like big companies, they also want to know that in the event of a failure, they will be protected."

Enterprise-class capabilities at a fraction of the price! The packages provide:

  • Proven enterprise-class virtualization and storage management -- employs the same underlying software, automation and virtualization technologies that are proven and in use by thousands of DataCore users in small, mid-size and large corporations worldwide. 
  • True Auto-failover and auto-recovery business continuity -- automatically monitors the data storage pool and I/O accesses and on failure in the system it transparently and automatically goes into failover mode and recovery, with no impact to production systems and no requirement for software to reside on application servers. Supports LAN or IP SAN based high-speed synchronous mirroring and failover. 
  • Remote Site Disaster recovery -- automatically protects critical data and storage pools using long distance asynchronous IP mirroring over LAN/WAN infrastructures.
  • Performance acceleration -- includes sophisticated cache management software designed to significantly speed up storage and I/O intensive workloads.
  • Simple SANmotion data migration services -- a powerful set of Windows data migration capabilities, which enables users to move and to migrate live data disks over a SAN. This advanced feature facilitates virtual       server deployments and allows Windows disk data to be accessed, re-purposed or moved rapidly from one system to another across the IP SAN, using Ethernet connections.
  • State-of-the-art Thin-provisioning -- automates storage administration and capacity provisioning and management across many systems and enables significant cost savings through its ability to optimize the disk space being served to many servers across the SAN. Previously this type of capability only existed in the realm of the highest-end data center systems selling for tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Flexible open system interoperability and hardware independence --  automates storage management and auto-protects multiple terabytes of data serving multiple application servers (e.g. VMware, Windows, Netware, Linux, Solaris, AIX, UNIX, etc.) over LAN, SAN or WAN networks. The solutions support either low-cost iSCSI or optional FC connectivity, or a mix of both. The software is hardware independent and runs on low-cost Intel/AMD platforms -- enabling users to lower costs, optimize their hardware purchase decisions, maximize the use of existing investments, control their choice of platforms and storage and add a new level of flexibility to their storage infrastructure.

The new DataCore solutions fill the large void in the market that exists for reasonably priced DR and BC solutions. The high-end enterprise-class storage arrays that can support true failover and the multi-site SAN based disaster recovery systems (e.g. IBM) are typically proprietary, complex and cost many tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. "When we looked at the marketplace we found a real gap that needed to be filled," said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software. "The total cost of a working system, the high cost of entry and the lack of flexibility and software utility are the real barriers in the SMB space. Small to mid-size businesses can't afford to deploy a SAN to manage storage and then pay the additional cost to also do business continuity and disaster recovery. They need a solution that does both and does it at the right price."

Published Monday, January 15, 2007 2:36 PM by David Marshall
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