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Lxlabs Releases hyperVM 1.4
Lxlabs today announced version 1.4 of their flagship virtualization management software hyperVM. The software brings enterprise virtualization management features that will allow the hosting companies to deliver assured levels of service to their customers. Enterprise features include a centralized backup system that delivers space savings equal to Copy On write file systems, but without any of the associated complexities.

Also featured is a completely retooled flow control aimed at making the administrators life much easier. "While 1.2 was a product of our developers, the new version's chief architects have been our customers themselves", said K T Ligesh, CTO of Lxlabs, "and by incorporating every single one of their feedbacks, hyperVM now represents the most intuitive way to manage your entire datacenter virtualization from a single console". HyperVM now features centralized IPaddress and Ostemplate management, thereby allowing the administrator to create and manage vps with just single mouse clicks.

Feature highlights:

* Industrial Strength centralized backup for the entire cluster. HyperVM backup uses linux hardlinks and rsync protocol to greatly reduce the space and the network overhead needed for backup management.

* Ip pool: Allows the Administrator to keep track of all the ipaddresses from a single location, and also automates the process of assigning ipaddresses to a vps.

* Vps Plans: Create vpses with a single click utilizing pre-built hosting plans.

* A commercial grade port monitoring system incorporated directly into the software allowing the users to monitor specific ports on their vpses themselves.

* A cluster wide reverse dns system, allowing the adminstrators to delegate creation directly to the customers.

* Graphs that provide health statistics and resource usage patterns of the virtual machines.

* Centralized Ostemplate management. The ostemplates need to be maintained only on the master, and the slave nodes will automatically download them if they don't have it.

* Fine grained client control. HyperVM 1.4 provides the ability to control every aspects of your customer by limiting each feature individually.

HyperVM is the only multi-tiered, multi-server, multi-virtualization solution in the market today and one that has been built specifically towards using Xen/Openvz in a hosting environment. Most of the Xen management software treats the virtual machines as standalone entities, and thus while they can increase hardware resource utilization, they completely fail to address the more serious problem of virtual machine sprawl. HyperVM solves this by managing the virtual machine's network from host itself and also providing the ability to delegate the management of the vps to the owners themselves.

"HyperVM 1.2 was a nice tool if you were planning to get serious about vps hosting." said Brian Hays of Vpsland, which is one of the largest vps providers in the industry. "Version 1.4, which is a leap ahead of its predecessor, is an absolutely unavoidable part of any vps hosting business."

HyperVM is available through lease via the company website
Published Monday, January 29, 2007 10:38 PM by David Marshall
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