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VMware Cancels VMTN Subscriptions

Rumors have been circulating about the possibility of this event for a few months now.  But, the news is now official, with an announcement coming out of VMware via an email being sent to those individuals who "had" subscriptions.  VMware is not going to sell or renew VMTN subscriptions.

Here is the email:

We have made some recent changes to our VMware Technology Network (VMTN).  VMware VMTN Subscription has been a successful, award-winning offering, providing software developers and QA professionals with access to VMware's powerful suite of virtualization products.  However, since its introduction in June of 2005, VMware has announced two free products, VMware Server and VMware Player; enhanced its Technology Alliance Partner Program; introduced the Community Source program; and made many other technologies fully open, including the VMware VMDK disk format, our VMware Perl toolkit and the VMware SDK.   As a result, VMware feels there is no longer a need for the VMware VMTN Subscription and will no longer sell or renew VMware VMTN Subscriptions as of February 16, 2007.


As an active VMware VMTN Subscriber, you can continue to take advantage of the many services available to you through the remainder of your current VMware VMTN Subscription period (one year from your date of subscription).


When your VMTN Subscription expires, you will be able to continue to utilize all software obtained through VMTN in accordance with your VMware VMTN Subscription restricted license agreement.  In addition, for any additional Per Incident support purchased during the life of your VMTN Subscription, VMware will honor those for one year from date of purchase.  To further protect your investment in software obtained through the VMware VMTN Subscription program, you are now also eligible, upon expiration of your VMTN Subscription, to purchase separate service and support contract(s) at the current list price.  This is something never before offered to VMware VMTN Subscribers and will entitle you to continued software upgrades and support during your contracted support period.  It is strongly encouraged that you obtain a separate support contract at the time your VMTN subscription expires.  If you decide later to purchase support on the software obtained through your VMTN Subscription, the following Terms and Conditions will apply. You must pay the applicable fees for the current contract term and the amount of fees that would have been paid for the period of time that customer had not enrolled in the services.  You may also be subject to a 20% reinstatement fee based upon the total amount of support purchased.  


You can select from a variety of support programs for your VMware software depending on your individual needs. The privileges and services available to you and the response time you can expect from the VMware Technical Support organization depend on the software product you have and the support offering under which you are covered.  For more information on services, please view our Terms and Conditions.

To purchase a support and subscription contract, call us at our US headquarters at 1-877-4VMWARE. Please have the serial number for the product you want covered so we can expedite your order.

Thank you for your interest in VMware products.

This is a sad day indeed.  The end of a valuable program.

Published Tuesday, February 06, 2007 7:02 PM by David Marshall
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