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Ask Ben Anything: Update final release, customizing fullscreen transitions, changing Parallels hotkey commands

For all you Parallels users out there, here is the latest "Ask Ben Anything" that gets printed up by Ben Rudolph on the official Parallels Blog Site.  If you have your own question or want to respond to one of these Q&A's, please visit Ben's blog site and send him an email.

1) When's the RC3 Update going to be released as a final version?

- Anonymous

Very, very soon. You won't have to wait much longer. Keep your "auto-update" turned on!

2) I saw a webinar that you ran where your fullscreen transition was different from mine. That a custom job or is it in Parallels somwhere and I'm just not finding it?

- Karen F.

Parallels has a number of fullscreen transitions to choose from. Click "Parallels Desktop" in your menu bar, then click "Preferences". Click the "Animation" tab, and you'll be able to customize the fullscreen transition, the transition from configuration screen to windowed mode, and if you'd like your Coherence transition animated or not.

3) Can I change the hotkey combos to go to fullscreen and coherence, etc.? I find the default ones wicked annoying and its driving me nuts! Help!

- Angela P.

You sure can. Open up the Preferences menu as described in the previous question's answer, then click the "Keyboard" tab. You can customize hotkey combos here, and select how (and if) you'd like to remap Windows key commands for cut/paste/copy to work with Mac commands.

My personal setup is:

  • Fullscreen: alt+option
  • Coherence: alt+option+shift
  • Release Input: ctrl+shift
  • Right-Click: Alt+click
  • Keyboard remapping: Full
Published Saturday, February 24, 2007 1:18 PM by David Marshall
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