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Latest Edition of Ask Ben Anything for Parallels Users

Are you using one of the Parallels virtualization products?  Have questions?  Look no further than the official "Ask Ben" section of Parallels official blog hosted by their very own, Ben Rudolph.  This week, Ben answers questions about iSight in Vista, firewire printers, 3D graphics update, and changing the size of a VM window.

1) When can I start using my iSight camera in my Vista VM?

- Kewal M.

The reason that you can't use the iSight camera in a Vista VM is that Apple hasn't provided Mac Drivers for Vista yet. Once they're enabled, we'll make it happen.

2) Just got a new Epson Stylus Photo R1800 printer, and I can't get windows to recognize it. It is plugged into a firewire port on my Apple Studio Display which is connected to my MacBook Pro. Any idea how to get them to talk?

Kevin S.

Right now, Parallels supports printing via a LAN or by USB 2.0. Firewire printers aren't currently supported, but we're looking to include this support later this year.

3) Parallels is great but I am curious how much longer we'll have to wait until it can take advantage of the hardware 3D graphics capability of our Intel Macs.

Jason C.

This is one of the most-asked questions I receive! We are still on track to deliver this functionality (including support for the Vista Aero interface) later this year. As I mentioned before, this feature was pushed back a bit so we could get really important productivity features like Transporter and Coherence into everyone's hands - for free - in the short-term.

4) My Windows window got huge when I went from fullscreen to regular windowed mode! Its so big that I can't drag the corner to make it smaller. How do I get my taskbar back?

- Anonymous

Easy. Right click on your Windows desktop and select "properties". Then, click the "appearance" tab and manually reduce the resolution. Click "apply" and your VM window will shrink. Resize it, then set the resolution back to its original value.

Published Saturday, March 24, 2007 7:55 PM by David Marshall
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