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rPath Appliance Agent 2.0.2 Released

The rPath Appliance Agent, an application framework for administering Software Appliances in all their forms (Hardware, Software and Virtual), has been updated. This version contains mostly bug fixes, one critical. We advise all appliance builders to recook their groups with this update.

  • The rAA web side will now handle backwards system time changes, and scheduled tasks will be run correctly (RAA-453).
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors if the conary configuration or the proxy configuration plugins are disabled.
  • Changed the web access log to record which xmlrpc method is being called.
  • DatabaseLocked errors will now be logged to the web log making debugging them possible.
  • The network plugin now validates input and resets any fields with invalid data. (RAA-143, RAA-461)
  • Don't set the height/width of the corpLogo, making rAA easier to rebrand.
  • Fixed a bug in the schedule retrieval code that caused the same execution id to be assigned to multiple instances of a schedule instance. Also, in some cases the execution id didn't match any rows to retrieve extra task information. This caused scheduling races, which in combination with tasks that fail for some other reason caused a 5 second interval notification loop.
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from adding a new user or group via the usermanagement plugin under IE (RAA-426).
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from assigning multiple groups to an user via the usermanagement plugin under Firefox 2 and IE 6/7 (RAA-433).
  • Added modal confirmation dialog for deleting users and groups in the usermanagement plugin (RAA-382).
  • The style for links in the body of pages are now more browser-like.
  • Enabling/disabling the NTP configuration checkbox in the Time Zone plugin will now set the focus to the ntp server textbox on IE (RAA-408).
  • Display a message alerting users about possible services timeouts due to time and/or date changes done to the system via the Time Zone plugin; Removed reduntant OK button after saving information.
  • Fixed some user facing messages in the SSLCert plugin which were created in the backend service, making them non-localizable so that they are now created in the web service.
  • Uploading a new certificate through the SSLCert plugin now restarts the lighttpd process. Please note that existing connections will continue using the old certificate, but subsequent calls will use the new cert. (RAA-292)
  • Fixed startup so that when errors occur during daemon startup, they are displayed, either on the screen (when it occurs before logging is configured) or in the log file. (RAA-372)
  • Added version information to the logs when services start up. (RAA-389)
  • Uploading a backup file to restore will now warn about the reboot at the end of the restore process. (RAA-294)
  • A bug in the identity subsystem prevented users from being removed from groups once assigned.
  • rAA signature threshold code has been removed. Please use the forthcoming conary configuration plugin instead, though the UI may in the future support modifying that option.
  • Remove the database handle before getting forked, so it's not shared between processes.
  • rAA will no longer restart unfinished tasks when it is restarted. (RAA-399)
  • The generic data table now supports the JSON type.
  • Both the web side and the service side of a plugin can now use self.plugins to access exposed methods other plugins. (RAA-384, RAA-416)
  • The user management plugin XMLRPC example script has been updated to work for the new version of the plugin.
  • The service side will now contact the web side using instead of localhost, thus rAA will now work correctly on appliances that require localhost be mapped to the external IP address. (RAA-423)
  • The update troves plugin now stores the Conary transaction count if Conary supports it. (RAA-421)
  • A brand new update troves plugin is enabled for users of Conary 1.1.18+. It has the same look, but also supports updates from rBA-created install media and an extra XMLRPC method to allow downloading an update to the local machine before updating. (RAA-370)
  • The update troves plugin exposes a new XMLRPC method to find rBA-created install media.

For a full list of changes, please see the NEWS file contained in the source or binary distribution.

To update rAA on your system, check for and apply updates through the rAA System Updates plugin.

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Published Sunday, April 01, 2007 12:13 PM by David Marshall
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