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Solving the management problem of virtualization

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Virtualization seems like a free lunch.

Instead of worrying over what hardware can run what software, all that complexity is extracted. You run a virtual environment, and the hardware can be anywhere. This lets you consolidate. As Mark Twain wrote, “put all your eggs into one basket and watch that basket.”

It’s the watching-the-basket thing that’s the trap, says Earl Hines, director of product marketing with UxComm in Beaverton, Oregon.

“Virtualization seems to extract the hardware problem, but it magnifies the risk of hardware failure. So the importance of being able to manage both the physical and virtual from a single workstation is what makes it possible to manage this.”

That’s what UxComm now has after buying the assets of Virtugo Software today. A single workstation can now manage your entire virtual environment, making either automatic or manual adjustments, and keeping you operating.

UxComm picked up Virtugo as assets because, Hines said, they had a good product and good team but no luck. Their bad luck was UxComm’s good luck. And now the company has a presence in Silicon Valley, as its vice president for strategy, Chris Dickson, joins the UxComm team.

So are the problems of virtualization now solved? What comes next?

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Published Tuesday, April 03, 2007 5:55 AM by David Marshall
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