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Enomaly announces update of its Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard
Enomaly, Inc. is pleased to announce a new update of its Enomalism Virtualized Management Dashboard for Xen Hypervisor 3.0x

The free update and immediate availability of version 0.7.2 software adds important stability and reliability to the web-based administrative tool. These ongoing developments continue to improve and enable the elastic management of multiple isolated virtual servers to be managed from an easy to use web based interface.

Enomalism new features.
  • New firewall module can create firewall rules in the Dom0 which do not require iptables support in the DomU. Great for additional security on insecure DomU images.
  • New CentOS 5 VM image in the VMCasting feed.
  • Much more extensible API, with hooks on all functions for extending
  • Widget style modules, which work with TurboGears widget system.
  • Intelligent thread locking and queueing throughout entire Enomalism core to prevent blocking and deadlocks.
  • Improved caching and lower utilization in all Enomalism libraries.
  • Better non-blocking calls for starting and stopping virtual machines
  • Improved CPU usage monitor for DomU machines
  • Selenium based regression tests for UI.
  • Better provisioning management tools, with feedback on space free, and very much improved management of existing VM images.
  • Improvements to start/stop/pause/unpause subsystem
  • Better concurrency on all compound tasks

Download a copy of the Enomalism version 0.7.2 at

Online Community Forum

If you have inquiries or feedback, please join our online community forum to ask questions, discuss and share your comments with the Enomaly Development team and other users of Enomalism. Please feel free to register and participate at
Published Tuesday, May 29, 2007 5:44 AM by David Marshall
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