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Trigence Extends Application Management Capabilities of its Application Virtualization Solution to the Windows Platform

At Microsoft TechEd 2007, Trigence, the leader in virtualization at the application level, announced Trigence AE 3.0 for Windows, a major new release of its flagship application virtualization offering, Trigence AE 3.0.

Trigence AE 3.0 for Windows is the industry's first cross-platform application virtualization solution. By including all of the functionality created for the Linux and UNIX operating systems and integrating Windows environment functionality and features important to end users, Trigence is providing a true end-to-end application virtualization solution that can be used at both the desktop and server level throughout the enterprise. 

"By offering the industry's first solution to virtualize both server and desktop applications in all three environments, we continue to demonstrate our technical innovation and leadership in application virtualization," said David
Roth, President and CEO, Trigence. "Application encapsulation is a critical component of a dynamic utility computing model that allows enterprises to achieve dramatically higher performance from their IT infrastructure and
Trigence is at the forefront of that movement."

Trigence AE 3.0 encapsulates and separates applications and dependencies from their underlying operating systems to dramatically improve application manageability and eliminate the need for application re-configuration or
re-installation to move, migrate or update applications. It helps enterprises simplify their application configuration management processes, reduce maintenance, power and space requirements and associated costs by enabling
customers to consolidate servers and data centers.

Trigence AE enables organizations to reduce the complexity of their IT infrastructure and unleash the value of their software investments by turning their applications into standardized, protected, and portable "capsules" that
can be relocated within Solaris, Linux and Windows operating systems to virtually any setting without compromising functionality. By decoupling applications from the infrastructure, they can be deployed, managed, and supported with much less effort within both physical and virtual environments.

Trigence helps legacy and newly developed applications easily move from old-to-new, same-to-same, or similar-to-similar OS versions while keeping the original dependencies intact. Encapsulated virtual applications embrace and extend existing hardware and software management and configuration tools. 

When an application is placed in a Trigence capsule, it becomes a discrete and easily manageable object throughout the application configuration management lifecycle. This opens new doors to application management by allowing any version of an application to be moved to any version of the same operating system.

With Trigence AE 3.0 for Windows:

  • Managing and deploying new applications becomes as simple as copying files 
  • Applications are encapsulated with their dependencies intact, configured in the desired state, and become discrete manageable objects 
  • Capsules are created quickly and easily by leveraging a set of template project files that can be used for popular Windows applications
  • Each capsule can be created with its own unique identifier and common interface to ease application management tasks 
  • Applications are no longer tied to a given copy of the OS and may be run on a different installed copy of the OS or even a newer version of the OS 
  • The complex web of dependencies required by the application doesn't go away but is instead contained inside the capsule -separate from the OS 
  • Organizations can change the network settings of a virtual machine on the fly as required by the encapsulated application(s) 
  • Easy integration with existing 3rd party management tools is accomplished through standard interfaces including SOAP and Windows Management Interface
Published Saturday, June 09, 2007 10:25 PM by David Marshall
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