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Parallels Desktop 3.5 with Aero and DirectX 9 Support?

Questions, answers and speculation were flying around the Parallels' user forums around Vista Aero support and DirectX 9 support.  While people are still asking about fixes for their current Desktop for Mac 3.0 versions, others are still asking for Aero and DirectX 9 support. 

A member of the Parallels team and forum moderator named Ankou chimmed in with "Aero in Windows Vista will be supported by Parallels Desktop 3.5.  PD 3.5 will be available in nearest month."

This sparked a small controversy as to how exactly Parallels would be able to deliver 3.5 by next month without any beta testing and with 3.0 having just been launched.  Ankou later came back with an apology saying it was a misprint.  Instead, it should be "nearest months" rather than "nearest month".  One little missing letter can sure cause quite a stir!  However, nearest months still doesn't tell us anything... and people started asking for answers in a slightly more understandable context such as Q307 or something similar - which I agree makes more sense.  I too had no idea what nearest months would actually translate into.

Ankou also said that Parallels is going to be releasing "several updates for Parallels Desktop 3.0, the first one should be available in a month or two. Vista Aero support is in scope of these updates, but for now I can't give an exact date for it."  The wait continues... but it sounds like it might not be that long.

On another note, one user in the forum is also anticipating that DirectX 9 support is going to be based on modified WINE libraries.  And if true, he believes that would mean that other players would all have support for DX9 around the same time of each other.  Interesting.

Published Wednesday, June 20, 2007 5:27 PM by David Marshall
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