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Surgient Announces Next Version of Leading Virtual Lab Management Solutions
Surgient, the leader in Virtual Lab Management Applications for software testing, training and evaluation, today announced the upcoming availability of Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications version 5.3. The latest release extends Surgient’s enterprise virtual lab leadership by enabling the support of a wide-array of guest operating systems, 64-bit guest and host environments and advanced complex networking scenarios. Large organizations have indicated the need for these capabilities as they extend their use of virtual labs beyond individual projects and groups.

“The role of virtualization within the application lifecycle is expanding as the technology becomes further integrated into software development and delivery processes,” said Melinda Carol-Ballou, program director for application lifecycle management software at IDC Research. “Virtual labs allow an enterprise to meet critical business demands while reducing costs and the time-to-deployment of today’s complex applications.”

Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications enable companies to automate and enhance vital software QA/testing, training, marketing, sales and support processes. By eliminating the substantial time and cost that companies spend to manually deploy, configure and teardown complex software lab environments, Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications raise the overall efficiency of today’s software delivery lifecycle activities, yielding greater employee productivity and a more rapid return on IT investments.

Version 5.3 of Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications features support for an extensive catalog of operating systems, including 64-bit guest and host computing environments. Surgient v5.3 also contains advanced networking capabilities, allowing an enterprise to manage infinitely complex networking scenarios both securely and effectively. Surgient’s ability to support heterogeneity is key to serving the complex configuration needs of enterprise test lab automation and to accelerating the software development lifecycle.

"The use of virtualization in the enterprise has moved far beyond simple consolidation within the data center," said Erik Josowitz, Surgient vice president of product strategy. "Virtual labs have become an increasingly significant part of the application development and delivery lifecycle. As the only virtual lab solution to accomplish heterogeneous lab management, version 5.3 of Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications provides organizations with an automated solution that eliminates the high costs associated with setup and teardown of complex software environments."

Surgient version 5.3 is an upgrade to the entire suite of Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications. The Surgient Virtual QA/Test Lab Management System (VQMS) enables organizations to consolidate test and development infrastructure, providing central management and automation of the deployment of complex testing environments. The Surgient Virtual Training Lab Management System (VTMS) enables training organizations to automate the deployment of hands-on lab environments to support classroom and online software training. The Surgient Virtual Demo Lab Management System (VDMS) allows companies to centralize and simplify the creation, management and delivery of prepared software demonstrations and software evaluations on-demand.

Additional New Features

New features in the Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications, version 5.3, include:

  • Advanced, agentless networking— Unique to Surgient, NAIL Server enables complex networking between guest images without requiring a management agent, accelerating deployment and allowing the virtual lab environment to more effectively replicate a wider array of production configurations.
  • Universal Remote Access 2.0—With a higher performing remote access and firewall transversal system, Surgient v5.3 provides enhanced global access to a centrally deployed virtual lab anytime, from anywhere.
  • Advanced Calendaring System—An advanced calendar capability allows lab managers to adequately schedule and keep track of current and future lab usage and reservations. Version 5.3 also features improved lab reporting that enables metered self-service.
  • Reporting Customization and Enhancements—New to version 5.3 is the ability to customize and extend reporting capabilities, enabling the extraction of specific business information such as usage information to enable chargeback billing, allowing integration with business intelligence tools, CRM systems and enterprise dashboards.

Availability and Pricing

Surgient Virtual Lab Management Applications, version 5.3, will be available starting August 2007 and support both VMware ESX Server 3 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. Workgroup pricing begins at $35,000. More information can also be found at

Published Wednesday, June 20, 2007 6:43 AM by David Marshall
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