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Scalent Systems Releases V/OE 2.5, DR Edition
Scalent Systems, the leader in server repurposing software, today announced general availability of its Scalentâ„¢ V/OE software version 2.5, the DR Edition of Scalent V/OE, with features tailored for disaster recovery. Scalent is the first company to deliver comprehensive adaptive infrastructure software for the data center, addressing not only individual servers, but also the entire related network connectivity and storage access environment. Scalent V/OE 2.5 DR Edition enables data center managers to radically increase flexibility and response time, while combating spiraling IT costs. With Scalent software, customers can take their data centers from "dead bare metal" (powered off hardware with no software installed) to live (newly deployed or restored), connected (to network and storage) servers, in five minutes or less.

"Scalent is the first company I've seen successfully going beyond basic software restoration to connectivity restoration. Scalent addresses the entire infrastructure repurposing issue -- servers, network, and storage access -- creating it anew in the space of boot time," said Jonas Hirshfield, director, infrastructure technology, Blackboard. "Scalent's adaptive infrastructure software helps Blackboard dramatically increase our reaction time to recovery situations or new business demands."

Today's data centers face escalating costs and reaction-time challenges stemming from out-of control server sprawl, statically coupled server hardware, and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for business continuity. These challenges result in a lack of IT agility in the face of rapidly changing operational demands, with correspondingly reduced bottom-line success. Unlike many traditional server failover or automation solutions, Scalent's software can meet all of these challenges. Scalent's solution addresses the entire data center environment, not just the individual server "box." Scalent's software enables data center operations owners to rapidly change entire systems and associated topologies -- which servers are running, what software is running on them, and how they're connected to network and storage -- without altering physical infrastructure.

"The ability to do server repurposing is critical for customers who want to implement a true real-time infrastructure," said Donna Scott, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Gartner. "The key to repurposing is combining image portability with dynamic control of infrastructure elements, so that services can be quickly and easily enabled in a matter of minutes."

With Scalent software, infrastructure repurposing becomes nearly instantaneous. Changing system function and topology doesn't require touching physical infrastructure. Instead of spending hours or days reloading software, adjusting configurations, and even moving machines and cables, IT teams can rack once, cable once, then reconfigure repeatedly, in minutes, effortlessly. Failover is automatic, and data center functionality matches the data center schematic -- what you see is what you get.

This infrastructure flexibility creates a dramatic increase in server utilization and reaction time. Instead of provisioning each application silo for peak demand or failure conditions, IT organizations can provision for average demand and shift spare resources to match business needs. Specific business systems can be dynamically redeployed as dictated by real-time business priorities, time of day, or other policy-based criteria -- so fewer hardware, software, and other resources are needed. Scalent software thus delivers higher IT asset utilization, less costly failover and disaster recovery alternatives, rapid and efficient test and lifecycle processes, and a more easily managed infrastructure.

Scalent V/OE 2.5 DR Edition extends Scalent's broad hardware and OS support, with the introduction of additional extensibility, including:

  • Image Portability: Support for Windows SAN Booting across disparate hardware
  • Clustering Replacement: Automatic failover eliminates need for clustering software
  • .NET: Addition of a .NET API for third-party systems integration and control
"The modern multi-tier architecture depends on multiple interdependent and interconnected machines, and physically replacing part or altering this infrastructure to meet changing demands is too expensive, slow, time consuming, and risky, " said Ben Linder, chief executive officer of Scalent Systems. "Scalent makes infrastructure repurposing rapid, reliable, and practical. With Scalent V/OE 2.5 DR Edition, companies can non-intrusively failure-proof their entire existing data center infrastructure and quickly implement cost-effective disaster recovery, business continuity, test lab / capacity automation, and other initiatives without making any physical changes or disrupting business processes."

For more information, visit or call 1-866-4-Scalent.

Published Monday, June 25, 2007 5:44 AM by David Marshall
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