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Using Virtual Hard Disks with Virtual Iron

Quoting Virtual Iron's Official Blog: 

By default, Virtual Iron creates a vdisks folder in the installation directory (e.g. Program Files\Virtual Iron\vdisks). Sometimes, this folder lives on a disk that does not have sufficent disk space to accomodate virtual hard disks. Virtual Iron provides a way to point this directory to another path. The following steps describe this process.

1. Go to the Virtualization Manager installation directory (C:\Program Files\Virtual Iron\VirtualizationManager)

2. Go to the etc directory

3. Open the file and set defaultVHDRepositoryPath to the desired directory.

For Linux management servers, standard naming rules and directory separator characters apply. For example, to set the repository to the directory /opt/storage/vdisks:

defaultVHDRepositoryPath = "/opt/storage/vdisks"

For Windows management servers, windows-specific UNC syntax is required. This consists of the drive letter and colon, for "\" characters ("\\\\"), and the path. Subdirectories in the path are specified with 2 "\" characters ("\\"). For example, to set the VHD repository to the directory NAS Storage\VHD Repository on the g: drive"

defaultVHDRepositoryPath = "g:\\\\NAS Storage\\VHD Repository"

4. Then restart the management server. The directory will be created, if it doesn't already exist. If an invalid directory is specified, or if the directory can't be created, an error is logged, and the directory will remain set to the last valid directory set.

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Published Friday, July 20, 2007 6:05 AM by David Marshall
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