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AppStream Launches 5.2.2 SaaS Edition
AppStream Inc., a leader in on-demand application deployment and management, announced today that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are getting a much needed alternative when it comes to enabling their existing Windows based applications for the internet, thanks to the newly released AppStream 5.2.2 SaaS edition.  Available immediately, this edition also offers ISVs a success-based pricing option.

AppStream 5.2.2 SaaS edition quickly transforms any Windows application into a service-enabled package in a matter of days, versus months or years, as compared to conventional web-native conversions.  This new edition gives ISVs an alternative to, or a transitional strategy while rewriting their catalog of Windows applications in order to take advantage of the benefits in the SaaS model. Some applications are simply not good candidates for web-native conversion.  In other instances ISVs want a web centric solution today while developing a web-native product for future release. 

AppStream customer, Riverdeep, Inc., LLC, the owner of Broderbund software brands, has successfully launched its new initiative called SmartDownload™.  This software delivery and management system, built on AppStream’s SaaS Edition makes it easy and convenient for users to buy popular software titles like The Print Shop®, PrintMaster® and KidPix® over a broadband connection.  AppStream has been implemented at Riverdeep since January, 2007 and currently has over 25,000 consumers using Riverdeep’s Broderbund titles.  Since the AppStream implementation, Riverdeep has experienced cost improvements in delivering Broderbund software titles to consumers by 30%.  According to David Bass, vice president of consumer business for Riverdeep, “We selected AppStream application streaming technology because it was unlike any other solution on the market – it’s completely open and supports our client-server environment.  It’s also simple to implement and easy to scale as we offer new titles to consumers.”

According to Enterprise Management Associate’s Senior Analyst, Andi Mann, “Converting non web-native applications into streamed applications is one of the most logical and simple ways for ISVs to attain many of the benefits of a SaaS business model.  When application streaming is used in an internet service model, ISVs can quickly implement a system that provides users with not just a “pay as you go” option, but a “rent”, “buy” or “try” option.  Secondly, the process of converting programs to streamed applications is fast and painless.  ISVs never re-write a single line of code, so months, even years of development time is spared for applications that may not benefit from web-native conversion.  Thirdly, streamed applications allow users to work offline, a feature that is lacking in most SaaS systems today.  AppStream’s streaming technology is a top-shelf offering and should be considered as a SaaS-enabling technology.”

In a separate press release, AppStream announced today AppStream 5.2.2 Enterprise edition, a version of its core product that enhances support for enterprise customers with state-of-the-art application provisioning, license management, and new support for systems using Intel® vPro™.  AppStream 5.2.2 combined with Intel® vPro™ and Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology, enable capabilities that will improve ease of management, security and lower costs. AppStream can now recognize desktop and mobile PCs based on Intel® vPro™ and Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology and offer unique additional manageability features like out of band application management and connectivity alerts.

“Application streaming, such as in AppStream 5.2.2 technology, combined with Intel® vPro™ and Intel® Centrino® Pro processor technology shows great promise in managing applications and desktop PCs,” said Dr. Charles Brown, manager, Intel SaaS Program Digital Enterprise Group, “This combination of technologies will help Intel customers quickly deploy notebook and desktop PCs, and reach their manageability objectives.”

A Streamed Experience is a Satisfied Customer Experience

ISV’s improve their customer’s experience using streaming as the underlying technology.  Streaming-enabled software offers the following user benefits:

  • Choice and Flexibility: Customers select a product on a website and decide whether to buy, rent, try or subscribe.  Customers engage with different software programs and purchasing models according to their unique business and personal needs.
  • Simple and Painless:  Customers simply click on a link to begin streaming a software program. There are no application downloads and no complex installations.
  • On-demand Accessibility: Simply click and use.  Programs execute locally on a customers PC for normal windows behavior.
  • Untethered Access: Offline mode fully supported.  Customers are free to use the application anywhere, anytime, the way on-demand was truly meant to be.

To experience the benefits of streaming software, please visit

Feature Highlights

In order to best support ISVs in their move toward Web-based applications, AppStream has created AppStream 5.2.2 SaaS Edition with the following key features:

  • APIs to allow for direct integration into ISV’s website
  • Subscription management
  • Client and server side SDK
  • Custom branded client option

“There are thousands of highly relevant Windows desktop applications that would better serve users by moving them to the cloud, and streaming technology is a solution to that problem,” said Paul Valcheff, vice president of business development, AppStream.  “This represents a tremendous opportunity for ISVs with existing Windows applications to generate new channels of revenue on the road to being web-native, as we’ve seen with customers like Riverdeep.”

Published Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:59 PM by David Marshall
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