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eRacks Offers Virtualization Server Solution
eRacks Open Source Systems announces a new virtualization host server, the eRacks / SUITE. This powerhouse AMD dual Dual-Core Opteron rackmount server has ample storage and hardware RAID. The system is qualified to enable hardware virtualization, running virtual machines at near-native speeds. The pre-installed software enables one system to do the work of several independent appliance servers simultaneously. Virtualization is a compelling solution for those requiring to maintain multiple environments, plan server consolidation, or create a testing sandbox environment for new applications.

eRacks Open Source Systems provides servers that are preinstalled with the virtualization software as well as customers' choices of virtual appliances. eRacks is known for offering the widest choice of Open Source operating systems and applications pre-installed with their rackmount servers. The eRacks / SUITE model can be configured with open-source VMWare or Linux-native KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization software as well as a large number of possible virtual operating systems and applications, including web, DNS, email, proxy and other infrastructure services. eRacks' technical team works individually with each customer to arrive at the best configuration to meet the given requirements.

Combined with the latest processors, virtualization is poised to revolutionize network infrastructure design. Instead of isolating applications in under-utilized individual machines, several virtual appliances can exist in encapsulated images within one physical system. This partitioned server is more cost-efficient and easier to manage than separate machines. Since each virtual environment is hardware independent, and its image (operating system, application, data and state) all reside within a single file, backups are simple, and running on a different hardware platform is not a problem. Hardware virtualization allows each virtual machine to run directly with the compatible processor(s), avoiding the performance penalties of simulators.

With the host running Linux, it is possible to run multiple virtual environments each running different operating systems, including legacy Windows versions. Running a less stable operating system on a virtual machine instead of a physical one, actually increases its availability since restarts are simple and fast. Isolating unstable and easily-compromised software in virtual environments provides increased security and fast recovery, as well. Virtualization can also solve many disaster recovery issues, especially when downtime cost is compared.

Because the eRacks / SUITE server arrives with the software already installed and tested, the system avoids any hardware incompatibilities and is optimized and qualified for hardware virtualization. Customized configurations comprise a large part of eRacks' sales and many systems are completed on a quote basis. eRacks also offers network design assistance as well as consulting, available through their business alliances.

Published Wednesday, August 01, 2007 5:35 AM by David Marshall
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