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NetApp and VMware Tighten Joint Engineering, Marketing, Service, and Support
Network Appliance, Inc., a leading provider of storage and data management solutions, announced today that it has strengthened its relationship with VMware, the global leader in software for industry-standard virtualized desktops and servers, to collaborate on joint engineering, marketing, service, and support. This relationship covers many of the best practices in engineering, marketing, customer education and advocacy, service, and support that the two companies have developed over the last few years in real-world deployments at more than 3,000 customer sites. It also underscores that the value of server virtualization is dramatically increased with the addition of robust networked storage on the back end. Direct-attached storage (DAS) and in-server storage are simply not the answer in enterprise-class virtualized environments.

The NetApp-VMware relationship is designed to enable the two companies to work on joint engineering solutions for advanced application mobility, backup and recovery, and disaster recovery. Together NetApp and VMware are focused on making virtualized server, desktop, and storage infrastructures operate seamlessly to deliver agile, available, and cost-effective IT environments to enterprise customers.

The relationship embodies both companies vision for data centers to be built around server virtualization and storage virtualization and the companies commitment to an open and collaborative business model, emphasizing the delivery of high-performance, reliable, interoperable IT solutions based on industry standards.

NetApp and VMware joint engineering projects are also targeted at further simplifying disaster recovery, streamlining test and development environments, optimizing storage utilization of virtual desktop consolidations, and ultimately creating a tightly integrated server-to-storage virtualization solution that makes next-generation data management real and affordable for the enterprise.

In our agency, losing data or taking too long to retrieve it negatively impacts our ability to work a case successfully. We are often under court-established timelines, so without timely and reliable access to documents and information, our attorneys can find themselves behind the eight ball in prosecuting a case, said George White, chief information officer at the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. Having NetApp® storage has really facilitated our move to a VMware virtualized server environment, and together the solutions have allowed us to dramatically minimize the risk and duration of any business downtime.

White continued, In the old model, if we had to deploy an application, we needed a box to store it on, the server had to be configured with enough storage capacity, and we had to set up the backup process. Thats incredibly inefficient. Today, we just allocate storage on-the-fly, whenever and wherever its needed. Everything else is centralized and automated thanks to the interoperability of the VMware and NetApp solutions.

Both companies are now working together to create an enterprise-class support agreement that streamlines case handling, modeling it after successful programs NetApp has in place with its other Global Technology Partners, including SAP, Oracle, Symantec, and Microsoft. Plus, the companies are defining joint best-practice blueprints designed to enable NetApp to work with VMware professional services and partners to deploy optimized server-to-storage virtualized environments.

White went on to say, We chose VMware and NetApp after considerable research and evaluation and determined that these two products not only met all our requirements but worked extremely well together. The fact that they are now working together on joint engineering, support, and service initiatives will significantly increase the value proposition from our previous investments and we anticipate gaining substantial improvements across the board as these products become even more tightly integrated.

In recent years, just about every enterprise data center has begun some form of consolidation and virtualization effort with a goal of increasing asset utilization and reducing management and infrastructure costs and making the infrastructure more responsive to the needs of the business, said Tom Georgens, executive vice president and general manager of Enterprise Storage and Product Operations at Network Appliance. The VMware infrastructure combined with NetApp storage virtualization solutions allows customers to experience increased resource optimization in a virtualized environment. Not only can customers increase the utilization of their individual server and storage resources, but they can increase the utilization of their complete infrastructure, including power, cooling, space, and people, while enjoying the robust and simple-to-use data management and protection capabilities that NetApp offers. These capabilities are available now in our joint sales projects and our future work will make the combined solutions even better.

NetApp has been providing advanced storage solutions for VMware deployments since 2001. For more information on NetApp and VMware joint solutions visit:

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