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Proofpoint Introduces Proofpoint on Demand
Proofpoint, Inc., the leading provider of unified email security and data loss prevention solutions, today introduced its Proofpoint on Demand™ offering, which delivers Proofpoint’s industry-leading messaging security features—including anti-spam, anti-virus, email policy enforcement, data loss prevention and policy-based encryption capabilities—as a cost-effective, easy-to-adopt and easy-to-manage on-demand service.

Based on the same enterprise-proven platform that powers Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway™ appliances and Proofpoint Protection Server® software, Proofpoint on Demand offers the industry’s most effective protection against both inbound and outbound email-borne threats, without requiring the installation of on-premise hardware or software. Proofpoint now offers customers the widest array of deployment options and is the only email security vendor to deliver its solutions in hardware appliance, virtual appliance, software and hosted service form factors.

“With the introduction of Proofpoint on Demand, Proofpoint is bringing its expertise in addressing the unique email security requirements of large enterprises to the software-as-a-service market. Until now, on-demand email security solutions such as Postini and MessageLabs have taken a ‘one size fits all’ approach that doesn’t offer the level of flexibility, security and control that larger enterprises prefer,” said Sandra Vaughan, senior vice president of products and marketing for Proofpoint. “Proofpoint on Demand uniquely combines the power and customizability of Proofpoint’s enterprise-proven email security platform with the cost-effective convenience of the hosted delivery model.”

“As we evaluated new email security solutions, Proofpoint offered clearly superior technology and an extremely polished administrative interface combined with great end-user controls,” said Anthony Schroeder, director of network services for Hamline University, which is currently deploying Proofpoint on Demand. “Being able to access these features as an on-demand service that keeps spam and viruses from ever entering our network made Proofpoint on Demand the ideal solution for the university.”

Proofpoint on Demand is a highly-configurable, cost-effective service that can be deployed with a variety of Proofpoint’s email security and data loss prevention modules. Large enterprises that prefer the convenience of hosted email security can now benefit from Proofpoint’s unrivalled anti-spam effectiveness, comprehensive DLP features and unparalleled ease-of-use.

“Hosted services continue to be a popular form factor for deploying messaging security solutions and we expect this to be a high-growth area in the coming years,” said Brian Burke, research manager for IDC’s security products service. “Proofpoint on Demand is a good example of the growing sophistication of hosted email security services in that it helps to mitigate both external threats such as spam, viruses and malicious code while also protecting against the internal threat of deliberate or inadvertent leaks of sensitive information.”

Complete Protection Against Inbound Threats

Proofpoint on Demand blocks all types of undesirable inbound email messages, ensuring that enterprises receive only a clean, safe stream of valid email. All of Proofpoint’s modular inbound email security features—including anti-spam, anti-virus, zero-hour anti-virus and acceptable use policy enforcement—are available in any combination.

Advanced Spam Detection, Powered by Proofpoint MLX™ Technology

Proofpoint on Demand delivers 99.6% or higher effectiveness against all types of spam email using the latest advances in reputation- and content-based anti-spam technology. Powered by patent-pending Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology, the Proofpoint Spam Detection™ module examines hundreds of thousands of attributes in every email—including message envelope headers and structure, image properties, sender reputation data as well as unstructured content in the body of messages—to block the most spam, attachment-based spam (including image-based, PDF-based and Excel-based spam) and phishing attacks, while automatically adapting to new attacks as they appear.

Proofpoint on Demand’s spam protection is automatically kept up-to-date, ensuring maximum effectiveness at all times. Proofpoint Spam Detection is also multi-lingual and offers outstanding accuracy against spam in any language—including hard-to-analyze, multi-byte character languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

Both administrators and end-users benefit from Proofpoint on Demand’s web-based interface. Easy-to-understand reports and controls—such as Proofpoint’s end-user digest, web-based quarantine and personalized safe- and block-lists—give users complete control over their own spam preferences.

Proofpoint on Demand allows anti-spam policies to be customized at the global, group and end-user levels with full integration to LDAP or Active Directory to streamline ongoing administration.

Virus Protection and Zero-Hour Anti-Virus Defenses

Proofpoint on Demand offers enterprises a choice of anti-virus options, powered by leading anti-virus engines from F-Secure and McAfee. Proofpoint on Demand automatically ensures that virus signatures are up-to-date, to provide complete protection against email infected with viruses, trojans, worms, malware and other malicious code. Additionally, the Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus™ module protects against emerging viruses in the earliest stages of their proliferation—stopping them hours before competing solutions even begin to react.

Easy Enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies

Proofpoint on Demand gives customers vastly more flexibility than competing solutions for defining and enforcing email acceptable use policies for message content and attachments. The included Proofpoint Content Compliance™ module simplifies the process of defining complex rules related to file types, message size, and message content. These features can be used to identify and prevent a wide variety of inbound and outbound policy violations—including offensive language, harassment, file sharing and violations of external regulations.

Comprehensive Data Loss Prevention

In addition to delivering the industry’s most effective protection against spam and virus attacks, Proofpoint on Demand is also the easiest and most cost-effective way for organizations to prevent leaks of sensitive data via email. Proofpoint’s modular data leak prevention features can be deployed as a completely hosted solution, or in Proofpoint’s unique hybrid configuration where outbound data loss prevention features are deployed on-premises while inbound email security features are hosted “in the cloud”. In either case, data loss prevention features are managed through the same easy-to-use, web-based policy management interface.

Keep Private Data Secure

The Proofpoint Regulatory Compliance™ module enforces best practices for securing private data and protects organizations from liabilities associated with privacy and data security regulations (such as HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, SEC rules and others). Customizable rules, managed dictionaries and “smart identifiers” are used to automatically scan outbound email for non-public information—such as protected health information and personal financial information—and reject or encrypt messages as appropriate.

Protect Confidential Documents

The Proofpoint Digital Asset Security™ module keeps valuable corporate assets and confidential data from leaking outside your organization via email. Powerful MLX machine learning technology analyzes and classifies confidential documents and then monitors for that information (or parts of that information) in outbound email messages—stopping content security breaches before they happen.

Automatically Encrypt Sensitive Information

The Proofpoint Secure Messaging™ module adds powerful, content-aware encryption capabilities to a Proofpoint on Demand deployment, automatically encrypting outbound messages based on customizable policies. It automatically and consistently applies encryption policies, without requiring end-users to take any special actions. Voltage IBE (Identity-Based Encryption) technology provides powerful, easy-to-use encryption without the cost and complexity of key and certificate management prevalent in other solutions.

Web-Based Policy Management and Administration

Proofpoint on Demand’s web-based administration interface to Proofpoint’s unified policy management framework, ensuring consistent application of corporate messaging policies. The administration console makes it easy to monitor and control all Proofpoint modules and define messaging policies. Different policies can even be defined for different groups of end-users. The Ajax-based interface enables “drag and drop” customization of the reports, status information, RSS feeds and other components displayed.

Proofpoint on Demand also provides access to more than 50 real-time, graphical reports and alerts that give complete visibility into the state of your enterprise messaging system.

Next Generation on Demand Architecture

Proofpoint on Demand is powered by the Proofpoint Flexible Managed Services Architecture, which was designed to meet any enterprise deployment strategy—from fully hosted to hybrid installations. It offers mid-sized and large-sized enterprises an ideal solution for:
  • Comprehensive, on-demand email security: Both inbound email security and outbound data loss prevention modules can be deployed “in the cloud” for comprehensive email protection, without the overhead of on-premises equipment.
  • Hybrid model: Inbound anti-spam, anti-virus and policy enforcement features can be hosted while outbound email encryption and data loss prevention features are delivered on-premise, deployed as Proofpoint appliances, virtual appliances or software installations. Customers aren’t “locked in” to either deployment model and can easily move services between on-demand and on-premise deployments at any time.
  • Second-layer spam protection: Proofpoint on Demand is an ideal solution for enterprises that desire a second layer of connection management, spam protection and virus prevention in front of their existing gateway or mail server-based email security solutions.

Unlike other on-demand services, Proofpoint on Demand’s next-generation hosting platform provides each customer with a fully-compartmentalized, dedicated instance of Proofpoint’s service, ensuring complete security of customer data and complete flexibility in system configuration. Administrators have total control over their email security preferences, policies, enabled modules, end-user features, alerts and reporting.

Hosted in Proofpoint’s world-class datacenters, Proofpoint on Demand offers enterprise-grade performance, reliability and five-nines availability.

Pricing and Availability

Designed to meet the needs of mid- to large-sized enterprises, Proofpoint on Demand is available now. Proofpoint modules for anti-spam, anti-virus, secure messaging and data loss prevention are priced separately on a per-user, per-year basis.

As an example, the Proofpoint on Demand service for 1000 users with the Proofpoint Spam Detection, Proofpoint Virus Protection and Proofpoint Content Compliance options is priced at $20,000 annually.
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