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VMware Infrastructure 3 VCP Certification Package
As you watch this series you'll gain real-world skills for using VMware virtualization technologies. Plus the content maps to exam objectives to help you as you prepare for the VCP certification exam.

Discover a new world of possibility with VMware Workstation

Virtualization opens up many new possibilities for IT pros. With VMware Workstation you can run multiple virtual computers on a single computer. Each can have its own unique operating system and hardware profile.

This lets you try out Linux without building a new computer. Test new client-server environments before deploying them. Run test environments without fear of crashing your main OS. And that's just the beginning.

Become a virtualization pro with ESX Server and VMware Infrastructure 3

With ESX Server and VMware Infrastructure 3, you'll have even more power and flexibility at your fingertips.

Here's just a taste. Imagine your ideal infrastructure, including the number of servers and their functions -- even the ideal network traffic flow. You can design that in VMware Server. Then give it as much hardware horsepower as your budget allows. The more hardware you give it, the better performance you'll get. Plus it's expandable later when you need more performance.

You could even run an entire virtual network or IT datacenter that exists completely within VMware. This maximizes your ability to use hardware to the full capacity, so no hardware spend is wasted.

Step by step on the job skills plus exam prep

CBT Nuggets instructor Greg Shields walks you through VMware Workstation, ESX Server, and VMware Infrastructure 3. He shows you what you need to know to deploy and manage these on the job. He even throws in some "gotcha's" from his own experience where things work differently than you'd expect, or where you need to pay extra attention.

This series stands alone as an on-the-job reference for using VMware -- but that's just the beginning.

If you'd like to become a VMware Certified Professional (VCP), this series can help you prepare for the exam. We mapped the content to exam objectives so what you learn in the videos is what you'll see on the test.

To get certified, you'll also have to attend a course hosted by VMware -- this series supplements that course by hepling you become familiar with VMware before taking the course. Plus after you've taken the course, you'll have this series you can use to brush up on your skills and knowledge before taking the certification exam.

The VMware Infrastructure 3 VCP Certification Package contains:

- Introduction to Virtualization and VMware (free video!)
- Using VMware Workstation
- Deploying, Manipulating, and Converting Virtual Machines
- Cloning and Teaming
- VMware Virtual Infrastructure Components and Installing ESX
- Networking & Virtual Switches
- Connecting to Fibre Channel Storage
- Connecting to iSCSI Storage
- Connecting to NFS Storage
- Installing & Licensing VirtualCenter
- The VirtualCenter Interface
- Deploying Virtual Machines
- VMotion & Cold Migrations
- Resource and Performance Management
- Clusters, Resource Pools, DRS, & HA
- Administering User Permissions
- Administering Web Access
- Virtual Machine Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery
- Service Console and Service Console Commands
- Troubleshooting, Logs, Review, & Wrap-Up

You can find out more or purchase it, here.

Published Saturday, August 25, 2007 9:13 PM by David Marshall
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Demitasse - August 26, 2007 4:02 AM

Remember that in order to achieve VCP certification you will have to attend the one of authorised VMware training courses.

This CBT will be a great help after the course & before the exam but without attending the course you don't get to be VCP.

Discolsure:  I teach the authorised VI3 courses

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