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Fat Jack Hosting Providing a Donkey Kick to the Competition with Virtualization 2007

Fat Jack Hosting is getting another leg up on the competition with its deployment of SwSoft virtualization technology. For eight years, the web host provider has prepared itself at the top of the serious virtualization players. That's why it recently decided to evaluate all its options before deciding on a new virtualization solution. The results of that investigation process revealed a clear-cut winner: SwSoft. SwSoft is a global leader in virtualization and automation software. Its product line includes Virtuozzo, the state of the art operating system virtualization solution. Web site owners who would like to learn more about Fat Jack Hosting's alliance with SwSoft can do so online at

Why did Fat Jack Hosting ultimately choose SwSoft's Virtuozzo virtualization solution over the competition? After exhaustive testing, the entrepreneurial web host concluded that SwSoft's suite of virtualization products met and even exceeded VMWare's capabilities, its former virtualization provider. What's more, it did so without out all the built-in costs and headaches associated with that brand.

Fat Jack Hosting manager Ralph Smith explains, "When dealing with SwSoft, we experienced none of the product issues we encountered with other virtualization providers. There was no pressure to purchase expensive partner hardware and SANS arrays, when what we already had in place was more than adequate. There was also no contending with promising but not enterprise-ready virtualization software like Xen. Like us, SwSoft had already proven itself a leader in the industry. The choice, therefore, was obvious."

The greatest advantage of the SwSoft alliance, however, is that the technology is being deployed at about 25 percent of VMWare's deployment cost. Those savings can, in turn, be passed on to Fat Jack Hosting's clients.

Built from the ground up, Fat Jack's Virtualization 2007 minimizes outage issues, under loads its Web servers by 30 percent and employs its own team of virtualization specialists. In sum, Fat Jack Hosting's virtualized solution is the latest, most stable virtualization technology, and it positions the company years ahead of its competition.

For more information on Fat Jack Hosting' deployment of SwSoft's Virtuozzo virtualization technology, contact Stephanie Bunn at (770) 271-1536. To see all of the benefits that can be derived from a Fat Jack Web hosting account, visit the company online at

Published Tuesday, August 28, 2007 6:15 AM by David Marshall
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