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Virtugo upgrades virtual management software

Virtugo Software has upgraded its flagship software suite so it can better plan for virtual capacity, manage virtual desktops, and track resource use within physical and virtual environments.

Virtugo’s VirtualSuite 6 comprises applications to monitor host and virtual servers in real-time, as well as optimise the performance of applications running on the servers in the virtual environment. The company added three applications to its suite to offer five products in total. Virtugo Capacity, Virtugo Meter and Virtugo VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) join existing products Virtugo Perform and Virtugo Optimize.

The company says it has added intelligence to the software suite to offer customers more information around data collected by the software. VirtualSuite 6 software installs on a dedicated machine, and it depends upon agents distributed to managed servers to collect performance and availability information.

Virtugo Capacity uses data collected from host and virtual machines to generate reports on bottlenecks and trends. The reports, Virtugo says, can be used to model potential server environments and better plan for capacity to support applications.

Virtugo Meter taps the information gathered by Virtugo agents to provide utilisation information to IT managers looking to chargeback departments for resource use. The metering application, Virtugo says, can help companies get an idea of how their users are working with the virtual environment, how often, and for what applications.

“Capacity helps customers get the most and best out of the resources they have and enables them to think outside of the one box to a cluster or more,” says Chris Dickson, vice president of marketing at Virtugo. “And the metering application offers valuable information on how people are using those resources.”

And Virtugo VDI helps IT managers configure, manage and support physical and virtual desktops from one console. It helps customers using VMware's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to deploy applications, push out patches, and ensure critical updates reach client machines. This application helps customers create and deploy guests as well as ensure the guests gain access to only the resources allocated to them by systems administrators, Virtugo says.

The company also added support for the virtualisation platform from XenSource, recently acquired by Citrix. With competition from PlateSpin, Veeam and Vizioncore, Virtugo executives say they realise software needs to support heterogeneous environments.

“Our software doesn't really worry about what the underlying virtualisation technology is,” Dickson says.

VirtualSuite 6 is available, and pricing ranges between $350 and $700 per CPU socket, depending on the number of applications in the suite the customer purchases.

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Published Thursday, September 06, 2007 5:53 AM by David Marshall
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