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Virtual Iron Demonstrates Up to 35% Virtualization Performance Gains in 32-Bit Guests with the New Intel Virtualization Technology FlexPriority Extension
Virtual Iron Software (, a provider of enterprise-class software for server virtualization and virtual infrastructure management, today announced impressive results in the recent Intel vConsolidate benchmark performance tests with Intel® VT FlexPriority - the latest extension in Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel VT). Intel ran its test with Virtual Irons latest release, Version 4.0 which is among the very first server virtualization software solutions to support the new Intel capability. When leveraging Intel VT FlexPriority on Virtual Iron, virtual servers benefited from up to 40% faster boot time and up to 35% performance improvement on 32-bit Windows guests (Windows Server 2000 & 2003 SP1 versions).

Intel® VT FlexPriority optimizes and accelerates interrupt virtualization by improving virtual machine access to the Task Priority Register thereby enabling efficient Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) configurations of 32-bit guest operating systems. For users, this translates into more efficient performance in virtual environments for their critical enterprise applications.

"We are excited that Virtual Iron is taking full advantage of Intels latest performance advancements in our Quad-Core processors as well as the new extensions in Intel Virtualization Technology including Intel VT FlexPriority, said Patrick Gelsinger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group. The impressive virtualization performance delivered is the result of the productive strategic collaboration that Intel and Virtual Iron have established and our combined commitment to deliver solutions that address enterprise virtualization requirements."

Introduced in the new Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® Processor 7300 series platforms, Intel VT FlexPriority was designed to accelerate virtualization interrupt handling thereby improving virtualization performance. Intel VT FlexPriority accelerates interrupt handling by preventing unnecessary VMExits on accesses to the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.

"Virtual Iron 4.0 showed up to 167% performance improvement on the new Intel Xeon 7300 processor based servers, relative to previous offerings as measured by Intels vConsolidate benchmark, said Steve Noyes, vice president of engineering at Virtual Iron Software. By turning on Intel VT FlexPriority, we have seen up to 35% incremental performance improvement and up to 40% faster boot time with certain Windows 32-bit guests. This new Intel VT extension allows our solution to avoid the common performance penalty these operating systems introduce when virtualized. This enables truly efficient SMP configurations of 32-bit guests to meet the demands of critical enterprise applications in a virtualized environment."

Virtual Irons comprehensive virtualization and management software is very complementary to multi-core processing and enables endusers to fully exploit the power of Intel Quad-Core technology. For example, Virtual Iron provides up to 128 gigabytes of memory per physical server as well as the ability to do symmetric multi-processing (SMP) where users can take advantage of up to eight CPUs in a single virtual machine, delivering the industrys leading performance in a virtualized environment. In addition, Virtual Irons powerful virtual infrastructure management capabilities enable users to automatically optimize matching of workloads and available capacity. Virtual Iron was among the first virtualization solution providers to support Intels hardwareassisted virtualization technology (Intel VT). This enabled Virtual Iron to support unmodified Windows and Linux guest operating systems while delivering near native performance.

Virtual Iron is an Intel Capital portfolio company and has a strategic technology collaboration agreement with Intel.

Published Wednesday, September 19, 2007 5:44 AM by David Marshall
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