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DataCore Software Targets SMB Server Virtualization Users with iSCSI Virtual SANs and Thin Provisioning Software
DataCore Software today announced that it has made it even easier for server virtualization users to evaluate the cost saving impacts of thin provisioning and iSCSI virtual SANs. DataCores free-to-try, downloadable, SANmelody storage virtualization software can now run on and thin provision storage from VMware, XenSource, Virtual Iron and Microsoft virtual machines.

VMware environments and storage networks go hand-in-hand, but the cost to implement a SAN was a major limiting factor until we found and evaluated DataCore, said Chris Cooper, president, Span the Wan. The software was easy to install on our existing systems with Ethernet connections. Moreover, SANmelody gave us a lot of flexibility and - most importantly - it worked seamlessly with the VMware set up.

The fact that you can download a trial of SANmelody or purchase it without spending thousands of dollars is very important, stated Marty Zigman, chief technology advisor, Lawyer Links, LLC. That allows people to take the first step and really experience the technology for themselves. The cost is so low to try it out that it is very compelling and once it gets deployed, it is very easy to assess the benefits and grow from there depending on the needs of your IT users. Lawyer Links has deployed DataCore SANmelody SANs in two different areas of the company. Lawyer Links Advantage is currently live, running SANmelody as its production SAN and they have also deployed a low-cost, back-up SAN that runs storage over existing Ethernet network connections.

Thin provisioning is revolutionizing storage management and energy savings in data centers around the world, but most potential users have limited access to the technology because vendors restrict their thin provisioning solutions to work only with their own higher priced storage arrays and disks. DataCore makes thin provisioning an open, network-based service that works with nearly all storage brands and devices. DataCores affordable, hardware independent, thin provisioning software solutions enable any business to fully participate in the cost saving benefits of virtualizing and consolidating its storage. By offering storage consolidation and thin provisioning as a complete solution, DataCore gives users the two-punch combination required to knockout inefficient storage proliferation and its damaging consequences to their businesses and our world.

To make the benefits of thin provisioning even more accessible, DataCore has made a 30-day free trial available for download at

Its become indispensable, said DataCore and VMware user Ryan Engh, IS Infrastructure Manager, Wasatch Advisors. Before DataCore, we were buying more storage than we actually needed at any time because we had to over-allocate to make sure that the capacity was there when we needed it. Now, with DataCore thin provisioning, we only allocate what we need when we need it, weve dramatically reduced our storage over-capacity, and we have effectively reduced our costs and energy footprint by more than 50%.

Thin provisioning solutions as offered by other vendors, such as 3PAR and HDS, require the purchase of their proprietary storage hardware that typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, making it difficult or impossible for those who are interested in trying out thin provisioning. Pricing for DataCore thin provisioning software solutions starts at $1,000. So, how come DataCore can give everyone the opportunity to try out thin provisioning while other vendors cant?

It is simple, said George Teixeira, CEO and president, DataCore Software. Our thin provisioning software is not locked to the hardware. It runs on any standard, Windows server. It doesnt require the purchase of big arrays or expensive hardware. This makes trying thin provisioning easy on the users. Installation, whether on a server or on a VM, takes just a few minutes. Being hardware independent software also makes it easy for us to encourage people to jump on the energy and money saving, thin-provisioning bandwagon by making a 30-day trial available for download from our website. We thought, Since we are the only ones who can let everyone try this energy saving technology, its something we ought to do.

DataCore is also betting that those who do take DataCore thin provisioning solution out for a spin will join the ranks of DataCores thousands of customers worldwide who are currently enjoying efficiency and savings of thin provisioning storage with DataCores SANmelody and SANsymphony software solutions.

According to another DataCore and VMware user, Mike Gayle, Director of IT, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, Thin provisioning is a great solution. What made us choose DataCore, besides its low cost of implementation, is that its portable software thats not dependent on a single vendors expensive hardware. My investment is protected because DataCore thin provisioning will keep working for me over different generations of platforms for much longer than any hardware-based solution can.

Pioneered by DataCore in 2001, network-based thin provisioning non-disruptively and automatically allocates physical storage capacity to application servers only when it is actually used. This dramatically improves storage utilization and can reduce the total number of disk drives required, and the energy needed to operate and cool them, by half or more. The software installs on any standard Windows platform or VM in minutes.

According to Alberto Natal Cruz, PACS System Administrator, Hunterdon Medical Center, We truly love the fact that DataCore frees us to use whatever hardware WE deem worthy or necessary. We get to decide what is best for us, not some other vendor. I would encourage anyone who is looking at any sort of storage solution to try DataCore for 30 days; it's free and if you don't think it is a fit for you, you can move on. How many storage virtualization vendors out there are willing to let you do that?

Published Sunday, September 23, 2007 10:14 AM by David Marshall
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