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Home Users Get Application Virtualization From Celceo
With the launch SystemAI 1.5, Celceo introduces application virtualization software designed specifically for the home user. Until now the benefits of virtualization have been largely reserved for the enterprise, as this technology required the expertise of an IT department.

But SystemAI makes virtualization accessible and understandable for all users by automatically building and optimizing a virtual computer for each application.

While the idea of virtualization can be somewhat intimidating to the average user, the SystemAI message resonates across all audiences, said Christian Carrillo, Chief Executive Office of Celceo. Its a simple concept: if a computer ran only one application, performance would be perfect. Application conflicts would cease to exist.

Carrillo went on to say that SystemAI achieves this vision by isolating applications in individual virtual computers. As each application runs on its own virtual computer, there is nothing for it to conflict with. Applications are immune to each other and protected from new downloads.

While virtualization protects applications from conflicts moving forward, SystemAIs Collective Intelligence repairs pre-existing problems. Collective Intelligence analyzes application performance across all SystemAI-enabled computers to create custom optimizations for each virtual computer.

SystemAI creates an intelligent network of computers that learn from each other to become self-healing. By combining virtualization and Collective Intelligence, SystemAI not only eliminates conflicts, it also optimizes applications, said Carrillo.

The end result is a technology that enables users of any technical ability to run each of their applications on an ideal virtual computer. This novel, consumer-oriented approach to application virtualization is starting to make the industry take notice.

Utilizing operational data from lots of users lets [SystemAI] create optimal virtual computers for each program, said Michael Callahan, the director of content at Tucows, in a recent review. That, folks, is a clever idea.

Published Thursday, September 27, 2007 5:32 AM by David Marshall
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