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Ipedo Adds Incremental Caching Capabilities to Virtual Integration Server
Ipedo, a global provider of enterprise information virtualization software, today announced several major enhancements to the award-winning Ipedo XIP platform. Adding to its ability to provide fast access to distributed business information, Ipedo XIP 4.3 offers an industry-first incremental caching capability, new parameterized views for complex queries, and expanded support for MySQL Enterprise.

"Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for an organization to access all of its information virtually," said Nick Zhang, CEO of Ipedo. "We continue to add features to allow our customers to grow their deployments with the knowledge that the performance will be there."

The new enhancements are designed to increase both the performance and flexibility for large deployments, as well as accommodate the growing use of open source databases in the enterprise. Whether creating data services in an SOA, or new reports in business intelligence applications, customers can access combinations of business information using a simple templated approach, with performance levels that are transparently maintained. New features include:

  • Incremental Caching -- Ipedo XIP now allows for its cache to be refreshed incrementally, significantly reducing network traffic when a cache refresh is required. Working automatically and in the background, the new incremental caching capability watches remote data sources for changes and automatically keeps the cache in synch.
  • Parameterized Views -- Parameterized views allow developers to encapsulate complex queries as parameterized templates, thereby avoiding construction of complex ad-hoc query strings at execution time. They are     defined using a syntax common to prepared statements at design time, and parameter values are passed into the view at run time. Ipedo XIP performs all the optimizations on the resulting composite query tree to ensure   efficient execution of the user query.
  • MySQL Enterprise Server Support -- Ipedo XIP can now work seamlessly with MySQL Enterprise Server, both as a data source and as a results cache. Extensive testing on data type interoperability and performance was done to ensure optimal deployment.

Ipedo XIP is a powerful data virtualization platform that allows organizations to aggregate and present information in real time, without the need to perform bulk data movement. Ipedo's patented approach treats existing corporate databases and Web Services as a single, virtual data source that applications or users can access using industry-standard protocols. This allows users to gain customized access to the information they need, in a context that makes sense, all while leveraging existing IT investments. With its dual SQL and XQuery engines, Ipedo XIP is the only information virtualization server built from the ground up to emulate today's database architectures. Ipedo XIP also contains a powerful set of performance and security management capabilities that balance user needs with corporate policies.

Pricing and Availability

Ipedo XIP version 4.3 will be generally available in October on Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, and Red Hat Linux. Pricing is on a per-CPU or annual subscription basis.

Published Thursday, September 27, 2007 7:00 PM by David Marshall
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