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OpenVZ Virtualization End User Created Utilities Offered

Dobrica Pavlinušić has been using OpenVZ virtualization for some time now.  In doing so, he has also been creating a set of utilities to make working with OpenVZ more enjoyable.  He offers the following set of utilities that he has written, but please note, it doesn't have much error checking right now, and most of the parameters are hard-coded.  If you find these tools of use, please let Dobrica know as work may continue on these to offer more updates and enhancements.

  • was written first, and it tries to intelligently increase beancounter limits for VE until there is some requires left for virtual machine.
    Best usage would be to run some kind of stress-test on your VE, and then re-run afterwards to allocate enough resources for VE.
  • is second useful tool which will create new VE from upstream Debian mirror and tweak it a bit (the way I like it)
  • is latest addition to set of tools and it allows to create temporary clone of virtual machine for testing (of upgrades?) or QA

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Published Saturday, October 06, 2007 6:46 PM by David Marshall
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