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Virtualization an Ally for Gaining Energy Efficiency in the Datacenter

A recent report by the US-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) validated what were probably not far from the minds of most CIO and IT executives around the globe; basically, there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to data center energy efficiencies. As a company committed to reducing its energy consumption whenever possible, Juniper Networks, the leader in high performance networking, has made increasing the efficiency of its operations a priority. Its data centers represent the biggest “consumers” of energy, so in 2007, one of IT’s objectives is to reduce its server footprint by 30 percent.

The objective of reducing the number of servers achieves two goals: reign in server sprawl and reduce energy consumption. As a company that has grown quickly in a short amount of time (to a USD 2 billion dollar company in just 10 years), servers were often deployed to fill a pressing need, resulting in approximately 1000 corporate servers geographically dispersed in many different sites and data centers. Not only were these servers becoming harder to keep track of and manage, but their proliferation was straining the basic resources of the data centers – they were running out of power and space.

The company took a hard look at their data center strategy and decided it was time to make some changes to improve their efficiency. To do this, IT looked at virtualization, which enables a single physical server to house multiple, independent operating systems and applications that are logically separated. Virtualization enables better data consumption and overall server utilization, ultimately enabling server consolidation that results in power, cooling, space and operational management efficiencies.

Read the rest of the article from SDA-India, here.

Published Saturday, October 06, 2007 5:47 PM by David Marshall
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