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RepliWeb Launches Latest Web Deployment Platform Helping Large Enterprises Streamline Web Operations
RepliWeb, a leader in web content deployment automation and managed file transfer software , today announced the release of RepliWeb Deployment Platform (R-1) version 4.0, which accelerates and automates the deployment of web server assets including static and dynamically created Web content, Web applications and Web server components such as IIS6 metabase. Customers have reported RepliWeb Deployment has accelerated content and code release cycles and reduced operating costs associated with updates, content and code management from 30 to 90 percent.

The RepliWeb solution is unique in that it automates the deployment of complete websites and allows for seamless integration with existing web content-workflows, operating environments and policies, providing organizations the most comprehensive out-of-the-box deployment solution for maintaining web applications, intranet portals and corporate websites. Designed for organizations with ten or more physical or virtual web or application servers, R-1 accelerates deployments across both LAN and remote (over the WAN) Data Center computing environments.

The ease-of-use and efficiency of the solution provides a competitive advantage to large organizations whose very survival depends on a steady flow of timely, accurate information and access to critical business applications across their enterprises.

Large enterprises stand to lose a great deal of money if their information doesnt get deployed in a timely and accurate manner, said RepliWeb CEO Yossi Moriel. Our solution ensures that accurate information speeds out to the end-points of an enterprise. Because it automates several deployments that were once dependent on manual script-writing, it decreases errors and frees up valuable IT staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives.

The following new features make the latest version of R-1 even faster and more efficient than its predecessors, ensuring accurate content deployment and producing near immediate ROI:

  • Content Automation features provide a unified solution for deploying complete websites and for maintaining subsequent content and code updates. R-1 quickly and easily deploys content of any amount, ranging from thousands of small HTML files to multi-gig Virtual Server ESX or streaming video files. Code deployments include complete .NET and COM+ applications
  • Unique Content Continuity features include Transactional Deployment technology, which allows server administrators to schedule massive, simultaneous content or code updates to dozens of production servers during off-hours, with a timed go-live trigger that releases the content or application across all servers, at a specific time. And R-1s intuitive Rollback engine allows server administrators to 'roll back' servers throughout a data center to a specific point in time, significantly diminishing the damages of unintentionally published content.
  • R-1 v 4.0 addresses the need for Content Accountability, providing both line of business and IT staff with full documentation of the who, what and when code or content was published. Deployment processes can be limited by users role or access rights. R-1 also includes failover, recovery and application specific backup capabilities, which help ensure fault-tolerant deployment operations.
  • Additionally, the Large File Accelerator, new to R-1 v4.0, is a unique transport engine optimized to transfer multi-gigabyte files 20 to 80 percent faster than conventional deliver methods. The Large File Accelerator is invaluable in heavy-production environments, where it accelerates the deployments of Virtual Server ESX files, digital cinema files and large application files.

As Carl Frappaolo, VP Market Intelligence, AIIM International pointed out, businesses everywhere have begun to address the need for reliable content delivery solutions. Until recently, businesses have tended to pay a lot of attention to content management, but very little attention to content delivery. No one was thinking about how to ensure that content is delivered to the edge in a timely, accurate, reliable and auditable manner. Finally, more and more organizations are realizing they need a deployment solution that offers the same controls, and is just as reliable as their content and code management system, he said.

RepliWeb Deployment Platform is delivering quantifiable results to organizations with global web server and application foot prints, companies rapidly expanding Software-as-a-Service infrastructure and for IT Teams needing to replace Application Center or Site Server CRS for Windows server deployments. The companys customer base includes a range of leading government and Global 2000 companies in automotive, financial services and healthcare. For a complete customer list, please visit:

Published Wednesday, October 17, 2007 6:49 AM by David Marshall
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