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Altiris and HP Enhance the Power of VMware

This was a really good read from Altiris' Juice site.  Read on, does this problem sound familiar to you?  Find out what they did to solve it and what ROI they were able to get from it. 

At our school district we basically breath HP. Our computers, printers, switches and servers are all HP because we want to be the best, and to be the best you have to have the best. We do all of our computer imaging and software deployment through Altiris Deployment Server. We have been using Altiris Deployment Server for the past five years and have had such good success with it. Like most places, we have an understaffed IT department, so it is crucial to have a software package like Deployment Server in place.

Here's the Problem We Faced:

Using Altiris Deployment Server to build and deploy images in our district and having a small IT department to take care of 2000 some computers, it is very important to have a minimal number of images to create even though we have quite a few different models to work with. This is what makes Deployment Server so great. We have been able to get one image to work on all the different computer models we've worked with in the last five years. It's so important that the computers in our district have the exact same look no matter what the model is.

However, we have grown accustomed in our IT department to building our own computer image for each of our computers. It is nice to be able to have the computer you use all day long set up the way you want it. However, because of this, our computers are not set up the same as the user's computers are. This makes it difficult when a user calls with a problem and they're using a different version of software than what's on our current computer.

We needed a way to be able to have a computer set up with quick access that looked the same as our user's computers.

Another issue we ran into was finding a server to run HP Client Manager and HP Insite Manager without having to go out and spend another five grand on a new server.

Read on at Juice to find out the solution and ROI achieved, here.

Published Monday, October 22, 2007 7:17 PM by David Marshall
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