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InfoVista Leverages the Solaris 10 Operating System and Application Visibility for Data Center Virtualization
InfoVista, the leading service-centric performance management software vendor, announced today that it has integrated the Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) capabilities with its VistaInsight for Servers performance management solution. DTrace is a dynamic tracing utility in the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS) that provides a comprehensive view of the operating system and application behavior with an unprecedented level of detail. VistaInsight® for Servers 3.0, InfoVistas solution for proactive management of next generation data centers, harnesses the vast data collection capabilities of DTrace, filtering the data into a dashboard that provides immediate, cross-vendor insight into existing server utilization, impending problems and capacity levels. These capabilities are critical in establishing a solid foundation for virtualization in Sun systems environments, or in mixed OS environments that include Sun.

DTrace dynamically instruments both the kernel and the applications that run on Solaris 10. With more than 30,000 probes in the kernel alone, the depth of data DTrace can collect is richer than that available from any other operating system. The combination of DTrace and InfoVista's powerful data analysis, reporting and planning capabilities allows users to turn DTrace data into actionable information for maintaining service levels while simultaneously managing costs. For next generation data centers that are in the process of consolidating multiple applications onto fewer servers through virtualization technologies, in-depth and current data about application, server and network performance is essential for ensuring efficient, cost-effective and low risk migrations.

InfoVistas combination with DTrace helps enterprises leverage the unique troubleshooting and management capabilities that are embedded in the Solaris 10 OS, said Juan Carlos Soto, vice president of market development at Sun Microsystems. Thanks to this solution, we expect users can get a unified view of their business services offering and better manage the level of service delivered to internal and external customers.

By providing out-of-the-box integration with DTrace, VistaInsight for Servers 3.0 augments the unique value of the Solaris 10 OS and gives joint Sun/InfoVista customers leading capabilities to monitor the precise environment and application parameters most important to their business. Both companies will engage in co-marketing and joint field activities enabling InfoVista to expand its reach into the server market and provide Solaris customers with the extended value delivered in this new solution.

As virtual environments are growing in size and scale, consumers of todays popular virtualization platforms are recognizing that collection of a wide range of operational metrics are needed as part of an effective consolidation process, says Cameron Haight, Research Vice President at Gartner, Inc. Ideally, IT organizations should include in this effort information pertaining to both application and end-user performance to optimize delivered service levels.

VistaInsight for Servers 3.0 provides a holistic, single view into the health, performance, and utilization of an organizations entire server infrastructure, regardless of how geographically dispersed or technologically diverse it is. The solution helps ensure the success of data center virtualization initiatives by providing quick access to the information needed to determine which servers are under- and over-utilized, helping customers achieve cost-cutting objectives and control server sprawl. In addition, it provides an ongoing real-time management platform to ensure that applications receive the resources they need in response to ever-changing user demand, amid the highly dynamic environment that virtualization creates.

The Cacao agent, which now ships with the Solaris 10 OS, will support the execution of DTrace scripts. InfoVista leverages this agent to remotely run these scripts and collection metrics. In line with InfoVistas support of agentless technology in the 3.0 release of VistaInsight for Servers, Cacao allows InfoVista to collect data directly from Sun Solaris servers without any additional agents. In addition to collecting data from the physical machines running the Solaris 10 OS, data can also be collected from the Solaris Containers (Suns virtualization technology for sharing a single instance of Solaris among multiple applications).

Our integration with Sun technology is very exciting for InfoVista, as it addresses the needs of data center managers that are challenged with intelligently and cost-efficiently virtualizing the data center, said Ronnie Ray, vice president, corporate marketing for InfoVista. By combining the capabilities of DTrace with VistaInsight for Servers 3.0, users can harness an unprecedented depth of data from their servers and applications to both identify the best path for virtualization and ensure their ability to meet service level expectations.

Published Tuesday, October 23, 2007 8:42 AM by David Marshall
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