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DataCore Software Appoints Australia Country Manager to Grow Channel Sales of Its SAN Storage Virtualization Solutions
DataCore Software, the leading provider of hardware independent, storage virtualization SAN solutions, today announced the appointment of Peter Kensey as country manager for Australia. Kensey will work closely with solution providers, many of whom have enjoyed success with VMware and Citrix virtualization offerings, to develop strong, complementary storage virtualization offerings and competencies with DataCore software - the foundation for Total Enterprise Virtualization. Now located in Sydney and Melbourne, DataCore intends to fuel expansion in Australia by helping its solution provider network win even more opportunities and growing its solution provider network across Australia based upon that success.

There are many Australian value-added resellers, consultants and other solution providers who have come to understand through their experience with VMware that hardware independent, virtualization software gives end users tremendous utilization, flexibility, and savings in the management, growth and purchasing of their server environment, said Kensey. They are also keenly aware of what being able to offer those benefits to their customers has meant to their businesses. Our objective is to help them take the next step to Total Enterprise Virtualization with DataCore SAN storage virtualization, which does for storage what VMware and others have done for the server environment.

Peter is a great addition to the team, commented David Bull, technical sales director, DataCore Australia. He knows the channel well and will be instrumental in getting our message across to new partners while at the same time assuring that we are available to help all partners in customer accounts and in closing opportunities.

Kensey brings significant experience both within the storage market and in driving business growth. Prior to his role with DataCore, he spent two years at HDS heading up the Northern Region of Australia. Before that, Kensey worked for Telstra, EMC and Concord Communications in many different senior leadership roles.

Total Enterprise Virtualization has emerged to address the mounting demand to extend the benefits of virtualization enterprise-wide by implementing and integrating mature, hardware independent software products, such as those offered by DataCore, Citrix, VMware and others, into a comprehensive virtualization solution spanning storage, servers and desktop computers. Today, DataCore storage virtualization and VMware, Citrix or other server or desktop virtualization solutions are working together to bring better and broader virtual infrastructures to customers in over 50% of DataCore deployments.

Our customers have realised they must virtualize their storage environment in order to get the most out of their virtualized server environment, said Anand Karan, business manager, Lincom Solutions, a Melbourne, Australia-based, specialised professional services company and DataCore partner. DataCores storage virtualization allows us to create for our customers a seamless solution for configuring and allocating storage just as quickly and easily as they can create and allocate virtual servers, while also providing a robust platform for geographically isolated storage deployment and disaster recovery services. DataCore and VMware are a great combination for our customers and for us.

To the outstanding benefits of virtualization, DataCore adds enterprise-class advanced storage services capabilities, like thin provisioning, disaster recovery, business continuity (high-availability), all at SMB prices. DataCores thin provisioning trims conventional fat storage by dramatically improving storage utilization. This can reduce the total number of disk drives required (and the energy needed to operate and cool them) by up to 60%, taking a data center from 10TB down to 4TB, saving thousands, and making higher levels of disaster recovery and high availability practical.

DataCores Virtual Infrastructure Foundation package, featuring thin provisioning, storage virtualization and management, SANmotion and iSCSI virtual SAN services, lists for under (US) $1,000. Business continuity, High Availability and Disaster Recovery packages, for two servers, with thin provisioning, storage virtualization and management and remote site mirroring for data protection list for under (US) $10,000.

  • An evaluation version of DataCore SANmelody storage server software is available at: The software installs on any standard Windows platform in minutes, and can run as virtual servers on many different server virtualization platforms, such as those from VMware, Xensource, Microsoft and Virtual Iron, making it even easier to try. See:
  • For information on DataCore solutions or becoming a DataCore partner in Australia/New Zealand, please e-mail:
Published Wednesday, October 24, 2007 8:46 AM by David Marshall
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