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Weycrest Explains Difference Between OpenVZ and Virtuozzo

Weycrest, a competitively priced hosting company in the UK, gets asked the question quite often, "what's the difference between OpenVZ and Virtuozzo?".  In a recent blog post, they attempt to answer that question, as follows:

OpenVZ is very much a stripped down development platform, albeit a very usable and robust one. Here are the main differences:

  • Greater VPS density - Virtuozzo due to its memory and file sharing capabilities enables higher number of VPS’s and better performance of VPSs. Basically more VPS’s per server.
  • Management Tools & GUI’s - Virtuozzo is supplied with management, monitoring, troubleshooting, and admin tools which can significantly reduce management, administration, and deployment costs. These include VZPP, VZCC, VZMC
  • Command Line Utilities - Virtuozzo ships with a number of additional command line utilities such as vzstat, to assist the management of the VPS’s and hardware node.
  • Support and Maintenance - Virtuozzo™ being a commercial product supported and maintained by SWsoft (though SWSoft also offer paid support for OpenVZ).
  • Virtuozzo ships with advanced recovery, monitoring, and Back-up tools. With OpenVZ these are supplied by the development community.
  • Virtuozzo has additional support for physical to VPS and VPS to physical migration tools. These tools allow trivial conversion of existing physical servers into Virtuozzo™ VPS (and vice-versa) to create a virtualized infrastructure.
  • Virtuozzo ships with additional traffic accounting tools for bandwidth management and control for individual VPSs in addition to aiding the security of VPSs running on the same host.
  • Virtuozzo offers greater integration with the Plesk Control Panel, with discounts on Plesk licences

So the VPS end user might not notice a big difference between a Virtuozzo and OpenVZ from the “inside” apart from the lack of an “offline” control panel to manage the VPS.

The original posting from Weycrest is found here.

Published Monday, October 29, 2007 6:08 AM by David Marshall
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