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SWsoft Plans Migration Between Virtuozzo and Parallels

SWsoft, which develops virtualization and data automation software, will offer the ability to migrate workloads between its OS-level and hardware-level virtualization products early next year.

The Herndon, Virginia-based ISV has been talking about integrating its Virtuozzo and Parallels products since it admitted earlier this year that it had acquired Parallels in 2004 but kept it quiet until it felt the technology was mature enough to go public on the deal.

Parallels has primarily been a desktop virtualization technology provider. Its two main products are its Workstation for Windows and Linux and Desktop for Mac offerings. However, according to the company’s director of corporate comms Benjamin Rudolph, a Parallels Server product will be available in a beta version within the next couple of months, with a formal launch in early 2008.

“The Virtuozzo Management Console will also have the ability to manage Parallels Server,” said Rudolph. “We’ll deliver the ability to migrate a workload from a Virtuozzo container to a Parallels virtual server and back. If a customer is running Longhorn with 12 containers in Virtuozzo and one of them is a database that needs to be continually up and running, they’ll face the challenge of how to upgrade some of the other containers. Now, however, they’ll be able to migrate the ones that need upgrading to an isolated virtual server in Parallels, upgrade and test them, then migrate them back.”

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Published Tuesday, October 30, 2007 6:47 PM by David Marshall
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