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Thinstall Delivers Industry's First Application Virtualization Solution With MSI Auto Generation Compatible With Top-Tier Desktop Deployment Systems
Thinstall, the leading independent Application Virtualization Platform Solution, today announced availability of its recent update v3.3, with MSI auto generation capability. Thinstall's unique server-less, client-less architecture allows "clean" deployments of virtualized applications in MSI format-no installation of clients or device drivers is required. Thinstall also announced today its technology integration with Macrovision(R) Corporation's AdminStudio(R) 8.6. Thinstall is now the only vendor to provide support for MSI auto generation for seamless deployment across the full range of enterprise desktop management systems- Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), IBM Tivoli, Altiris, LANDesk(R), BMC and CA.

"This is an important development in the virtualization market," said Michael Rose, associate research analyst with IDC. "The ability to capture MSI packages for virtual deployment across existing management systems should extend the reach of application virtualization technology; the adoption of which is likely to increase as fast, enterprise-wide deployment on Windows platforms is achieved and conflict-free deployments ease Vista migrations and application upgrades."

The combined advantage of "clean" virtual deployments over existing application deployment technologies enables Thinstall to deliver significant savings in software costs and management time, since complex regression testing, server configuration and application conflicts are eliminated.

"Thinstall has advanced its lead over all other solutions by delivering support for MSI auto generation," said Henrik Rosendahl, CEO of Thinstall. "Thinstall provides a great cost-efficient alternative for all customers, with no requirements for special hardware or software in order to get started. As an independent solution, Thinstall meets new market demands for application virtualization solutions working with existing infrastructure. Our customers have a fast track to the features and support needed to have stable, secure, efficient desktop environments for the lowest TCO."

Thinstall offers the market's widest support for commercial and in-house corporate applications. Virtualization as an IT strategy has seen accelerated adoption and Thinstall has enjoyed rapid-growth in the market because it requires absolutely no changes to existing infrastructure.

    New MSI Auto Generation Features
  • Support for machine-wide wide (All Users), and per-user "installs"
  • Per-user installs do not require Administrator rights
  • MSI deployments instantly integrate with existing management and deployment systems, inventory scanning, and usage monitoring systems
  • Support for automatically attaching pre-determined file types to virtual associations
  • Support for creating user accessible Desktop shortcuts
  • No application data or registry settings are written to PC during MSI registration, thereby eliminating any need to perform cross-application regression testing.

Thinstall Unique Features

  • A client-less, server-less architecture that allows applications to be packaged into simple EXE files that run in user-mode, isolated from the host PC, without installation or changes to the local desktop's registry and file system
  • Application security and access management using Active Directory (AD)
  • Capability for fast, enterprise wide deployment on key Windows desktop and server platforms, including NT4, 2k, XP, and Vista, with zero impact on existing infrastructure
  • Packaged applications can be digitally signed with Authenticode, recognized by IE and Vista on PCs
  • Corporate and ISV customers can update applications in restricted user account.
  • SMB based streaming
  • eliminates proprietary streaming servers
  • allows virtual applications to easily scale
  • virtual applications remain fault tolerant, no single point of failure
  • no requirement for redundant servers to ensure constant application availability
  • not dependent on backend streaming servers, Thinstall can scale to an unlimited number of users
  • Thinstall deployed by SaaS method can scale to unlimited users and to tens of thousands of locations daily. No other virtualization solutions have implementations of this scale because of the dependency of their proprietary server and requirements to install device drivers and clients on every machine.
  • By using the infrastructure already in place, with the most popular desktop management solutions such as SMS, LANDesk, and Tivoli, customers who have as many as 100,000+ client nodes under management can use Thinstall to deploy, without changes to clients or the addition of new servers.
  • Thinstall can transparently stream large applications from a shared network drive with no client or server software to install, as well as run the application 'off-line'.
  • All dependencies required, such as plug-ins for Java or IE, are packaged with the application. This allows instant execution anywhere, with zero installation.
  • Thinstall does not rely on caching; instead, customers deploy their applications via File shares. Thinstall's own streaming engine is extremely fast and efficient.
  • Thinstall also includes an application registration tool, which enables file type associations for dozens of applications to be registered within seconds during the user login process. This allows full desktop integration through Start Menu shortcuts and file type associations.
  • Thinstall's 'sandbox merge' capability enables application updates without requiring a repackaging process.


Published Tuesday, October 30, 2007 6:57 PM by David Marshall
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