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CiRBA Automates the Process of Selecting the Right Virtualization Technology
CiRBA Inc., a leader in Data Center Intelligence, today announced one-click analysis templates for CiRBA 4.5 that enable users to rapidly analyze existing server environments to determine which virtualization technologies best suit their unique needs.

Choosing the wrong virtualization strategy or technology can result in significant management and operational issues. At one end of the spectrum IT managers may create environments that are ill-suited to dealing with unusual workload demands or are incapable of meeting security and privacy requirements. Conversely, the over-use of advanced features can create unnecessarily complex configurations that are volatile and difficult to manage. The challenge in selecting the most appropriate strategy is compounded by the different characteristics of each virtualization technology and the unique attributes of individual data centers and the businesses they support. Market economics also play a critical role in decision-making as the sheer number of choices for virtualization increase and vendor pricing strategies become more aggressive.

CiRBAs virtualization analytics software enables these complex decisions to be based on empirical analysis of the best fit between the unique attributes of each virtualization technology and the unique technical and non-technical considerations associated with an IT environment that impact the success and efficiency of virtualization deployments.

There are new virtualization technologies entering the market on a weekly basis, and given the relative strengths and weaknesses of each solution there is not one 'best' virtualization solution, says Andrew Hillier, Co-founder and CTO at CiRBA. This is comparable to the fact that there has never been one 'best' hardware platform to use across a data center. Every IT environment has technical and non-technical attributes that make it better suited to a particular virtualization strategy, and the challenge is to find that strategy.

CiRBA 4.5s analysis templates operate cross-platform and leverage rulesets that consider below kernel virtualization technologies such as VMware and XenSource-based variants as well as above kernel solutions such as Solaris Zones and IBMs upcoming workload partitioning strategies. These rulesets combine with CiRBAs built-in business constraint, configuration and utilization analysis to provide highly detailed plans that are immediately actionable.

In practice, the solution enables users to select pre-configured analysis templates and simply apply them to their servers to see the net result. By applying different templates to a given set of servers, the relative effectiveness of these virtualization strategies are determined for a given environment. The initial release of this functionality includes templates for VMware with motioning, VMware without motioning, XenSource (with and without XenMotion), Oracle VM and Suns xVM.

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2007 9:19 PM by David Marshall
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