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NetApp Deduplication Delivers Significant Storage Space Savings for VMware Environments
NetApp today announced that its customers have helped NetApp reach a major milestone, with more than 1,000 systems enabled with deduplication. These systems represent over 30 petabytes (PB) of raw storage capacity, making NetApp the leading provider of deduplication technology for a wide variety of applications and storage tiers. Specifically, NetApp® deduplication is providing significant space savings for customers such as Virginia Credit Union, providing a complement to VMware® environments. By leveraging NetApp deduplication for VMware Infrastructure, customers are achieving up to 90% space savings to store their VMware virtual machines.

NetApp deduplication technology is an inherent feature in all NetApp storage systems. As enterprises struggle with managing multiple copies of data across their infrastructures, NetApp eliminates redundant data objects to improve space-savings efficiency and reduce physical storage capacity that customers need to purchase and manage for data copy activities. Competing deduplication products simply provide a point solution that narrowly addresses space reduction for data backup environments. Only NetApp delivers deduplication technology that serves primary storage and is integrated into its mainline storage operating system, Data ONTAP®, at no charge to customers. In addition, NetApp helps customers incorporate deduplication into a wide variety of other environments, including backup data and archival dataall without sacrificing performance.

Deduplication eliminates the storage of redundant data; depending on the environment, the amount of redundant data can be significant (imagine all the duplicate files, duplicate data within files, and duplicate data in database and email stores across the organization), wrote Stephanie Balaouras of Forrester Research in the July 2007 report titled Will Data Deduplication Finally Make Disk As Cheap As Tape? Block-level deduplication is gaining traction in backup, and it is not typically offered as a capability of disk storage systems used to support online workloads. NetApp is an exception.

Among its many benefits to NetApp customers businesses, deduplication complements VMware environments. NetApp customer Virginia Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative that serves more than 180,000 members. The cooperative deployed VMware Infrastructure to consolidate servers and quickly create clone copies for test and development. However, the Virginia Credit Union sought greater storage efficiency.

By leveraging NetApp to deduplicate VMware virtual machines, Virginia Credit Union achieved overall space savings of 78%. NetApp deduplication was the most suitable technology addressing Virginia Credit Unions storage capacity problem. NetApp deduplication provided the means to retain long-term business-critical data in compliance with financial regulations in a cost-effective and efficient manner. In addition, by leveraging other NetApp space-saving technologies such as thin provisioning and FlexClone®, Virginia Credit Union further solved its business need for rapid provisioning of server and data cloning for testing and development purposes without consuming disk space.

NetApp added a layer of storage intelligence that was missing in our VMware environment, said Rich Barlow, systems architect with Virginia Credit Union. The combination of virtual machines on NetApp provides us rapid disaster recovery and near instant provisioning in addition to cutting edge, innovative storage management technologies that helped fulfill our core business objective, which is to better serve our members. No storage vendor could provide the magic combination of NetApp space-saving technologies to control our spiraling data consumption, dramatically reduce the amount of storage we use and manage, and shrink the overhead needed to store large amounts of production virtual machines. NetApp deduplication transparently reduced our physical storage space without sacrificing our performance. Were getting our moneys worth out of NetApp.

VMware Infrastructure complements NetApps deduplication technology, said Parag Patel, vice president alliances, VMware. ��An example of this is VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), which enables organizations to consolidate desktops onto server hardware, improving desktop management and reducing support costs. NetApps data deduplication technology reduces the amount of physical storage needed in a consolidated desktop environment, providing a cost-effective solution that further enhances the robust products included in VMware Infrastructure such as VMware High availability (HA), VMotion, Consolidated Backup and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

NetApp and VMware provide our customers with a unique technology match to achieve great efficiency in their data centers, said Patrick Rogers, vice president of Solutions Marketing at NetApp. Customers that are virtualizing their infrastructures are especially well-positioned to take full advantage of NetApps complementary space-saving technologies such as deduplication. We are excited about the value our customers are already realizing and look forward to helping more customers deploy these breakthrough features to reduce the amount of disk space needed to store data.

Deduplication is an integral part of the NetApp WAFL® file system, which manages all storage on NetApp FAS systems. As a result, deduplication works behind the scenes regardless of what applications a company runs or how they access their data. NetApp deduplication, combined with support from leading backup and data protection partners, provides customers advanced storage space savings to dramatically improve and simplify their business.

Industry Support for NetApp Deduplication

It's clear that storage users are turning to deduplication as a way to manage the relentless growth of data, said David West, vice president marketing and business development, CommVault. With NetApp NearStore® as a consolidated target for backup, archive, and replication, the combination of CommVault Simpana single instancing with NetApp deduplication offers users even more benefits, including reduced redundancy, additional space savings, and overall storage management efficiency.

Syncsort is excited to be working with NetApp to continue to deliver market leadership and innovation, said Rich Pilkington, Manager, Market Research, Syncsort. Our joint solutions, now including comprehensive deduplication abilities, deliver an optimal combination for customers looking to solve challenging data protection problems. Were proud to be working with NetApp.

To estimate their potential storage space savings by leveraging NetApp deduplication technology, customers can visit the NetApp Deduplication Calculator at Customers can identify inefficiencies in their current storage environments, calculate their data reduction ratios by using NetApp technology versus their traditional backup technology, and learn how to make more effective use of their data storage systems throughout their enterprise. Customers can also request a full report that includes a storage efficiency differential chart and space savings comparison chart, as well as exclusive recommendations for optimizing the data center.

TechTalk Webcast

Join us for a live Webcast on Thursday, November 29 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (2:00 p.m. Eastern Time) and hear Rich Barlow, systems architect with Virginia Credit Union, discuss how NetApp deduplication delivered massive storage savings and efficiency for his VMware environment. To register, go to REF_SOURCE=VACUrelease. (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

For more information on NetApp deduplication technology, including technical reports and customer case studies, go to dedup.html. (Due to its length, this URL may need to be copied/pasted into your Internet browser's address field. Remove the extra space if one exists.)

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