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Mark Russinovich: On Working at Microsoft, Windows Server 2008 Kernel, MinWin vs ServerCore, HyperV, Application Virtualization

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I recently sat down with Technical Fellow and SysInternals founder Mark Russinovich to dig a bit into what's new in the Windows Server 2008 kernel. Of course, we talk about many things including HyperV, application virtualization, kernel architecture (not everybody defines an OS kernel in the same way - tune in to understand why this is the case. Mark has his own definition that may not be the same as yours....).

Recently, the MinWin project was in the press after a university video lecture by a Microsoft Windows architect was released on the net. Most people confuse MinWin with Windows Server 2008's ServerCore technology - the confusion stems from the incorrect assumption that ServerCore is a byproduct of the MinWin work. In fact, they are not at all related. Mark explains the differences and hopefully this will end the confusion...

Of course, Mark spends time on the whiteboard in this interview, drawing out the kernel architecture, explaining HyperV, touching on application virtualization (running client applications without having to install them locally - tune in to understand what I mean...).

Channel 9 is and has always been about showcasing the humans behind our technologies in addition to drilling into how we make our products, and of course why we do what we do (in a technical sense). Mark is a huge addition to the Windows family and his technical leadership is already being felt throughout buildings 26 and 43. Mark tells me about how life is going inside the Mothership, what a Techincal Fellow is (it's the highest level of engineering career stage at Microsoft), individual contribution versus management, and more.

As always, it's an honor and pleasure to spend time talking with Mark. He's one of our brightest technical minds and Windows architecture is in very good hands.

Download the video, here.

Published Wednesday, January 09, 2008 9:37 PM by David Marshall
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