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NEC Delivers Business Continuity to Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. with NEC Virtual PC Center
NEC Corporation of America, a premier provider of IT, network and identity management solutions, today announced a successful first-phase implementation and operation of NECs Virtual PC Center (VPCC) at the New York Branch of Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd (STB). The complete virtual PC solution provides STB with a remote terminal system for business continuity in a time of disaster. This implementation is the first virtual PC deployment by a Japanese banks overseas branch. The primary goal of the system was internal security and business continuity via secure remote access for strategic business users.

The beauty of NECs VPCC system is that STB can securely store data and applications within the controls of the data center and enjoy a new level of business continuity without impacting the user experience, said Toshiaki Furusawa, vice president, department manager of IT at Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. It is much simpler to deploy and manage a solution that allows authorized personnel to access the company network through any VPCC thin client device and work as if using a traditional PC with its familiar desktop multimedia environment.

STB implemented a complete remote virtual PC system from NEC, including: thin client devices, NEC Virtual PC servers, NECs management servers running NECs SigmaSystemCenter integrated management software, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) server, and VMware® virtualization platform software.

Enterprises are looking for the next level of data protection and high availability, said Gary Bates, principal solutions architect, Solutions Business of NEC Corporation of America. NECs VPCC delivers a total desktop PC replacement solution at a lower cost, with greater data security, and a seamless user experience.

The newly implemented system virtualizes and consolidates each users individual PC environment including data and software on the server; and automatically allocates server resources such as CPUs in accordance with users workloads. This is the first time an overseas branch of a Japanese bank has employed this type of virtual PC technology.

The main characteristics of the business continuity system that STBs New York branch deployed are:

-- Business Continuity Through Secure Remote Access

NEC's VPCC System provides business continuity through secure
remote access for strategic business users in the event of a
disaster. By ensuring secure access to the company's entire
internal information system from remote locations, including
residences, via the Internet, business executives can respond and
manage the company during emergencies such as terrorism, pandemic
diseases or natural disaster.

-- Information Security

Because data resides in the more secure environment of the data
center instead of the desktop, information has better protection
against theft or virus.

-- Ease of System Management

System or software upgrades, adding new applications and performing
maintenance is simple since the application software and data are
all based on servers in the data center and can be managed through
remote access.

-- Scalability

The system offers an easily scalable solution that not only meets
this phase of STB's business continuity plan, but will be able to
support future phases with increasing numbers of users, operating
environments and business systems.

Additional benefits of NECs VPCC solution include reduced power consumption, lower total cost of ownership compared to a traditional desktop PC, and a single vendor to contact for the entire front-to-backend virtual PC system.

Security and business continuity are of the highest priority within the financial industry. Financial organizations have rigid requirements and high expectations for scalable security management systems from a comprehensive platform.

In response to these requirements and expectations, STB continues to reinforce business infrastructure and, with the implementation of NECs Virtual PC Center, provide new services and products that are secure and safe and meet customer satisfaction on a timely basis.

NEC Virtual PC Center Solution

The NEC Virtual PC Center is a complete thin client personal computer solution with full PC functionality and multimedia capability. Designed to secure data by replacing the desktop PC, VPCC offers a full virtual PC environment, combining the US100 and US 110 thin client devices with NEC Virtual PC servers and an NEC VPCC management server in the data center. The entire VPCC system is called virtual because a user can utilize any VPCC workstation to access the company network, and work as if using a traditional PC with its familiar Microsoft® Windows® desktop multimedia environment.

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