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Enigmatec and Scalent Announce Integration Partnership

Enigmatec Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise-class run book automation (RBA) software, and Scalent Systems, the leading provider of infrastructure virtualization software for large data centers, today announced an integration partnership to enable policy driven automation of server repurposing in the data center. This partnership combines policy-based IT process automation from Enigmatec and server repurposing from Scalent to deliver an integrated software solution to dynamically place compute resources where and when they are needed in the data center. This implementation of real-time infrastructure dramatically lowers data center management operations costs while increasing flexibility in the face of business need change.

The Enigmatec Management System (EMS) continually monitors all levels of a multi-tier application stack for changes in availability or demand. When EMS detects a failure or load spike, the system orchestrates the reallocation of resources to the appropriate users and applications, leveraging Server Automation software to ensure that all resources are maintained at required release, patch and configuration levels. EMS also provides full lifecycle management of shared virtual resources including decommissioning, archiving and returning resources back to a server pool.

“Scalent’s server repurposing solution gives IT operations the ability to dynamically change their server environment,” said Duncan Johnston-Watt, Chief Technology Officer, Enigmatec. “Integrating Scalent with Enigmatec takes this to its logical conclusion – using run book automation to orchestrate their data center virtualization solution delivers a policy-driven infrastructure which automatically adapts to meet changing business requirements.”

Scalent allows data center operators to rapidly change entire systems and associated topologies, including which servers are running, what software is running on them, and how they're connected to network and storage. Scalent does this in real-time without requiring physical changes to the infrastructure. Scalent V/OE software enables customers to take their data centers from "dead bare metal" (powered off hardware with no software installed) to live (newly deployed or restored), connected (to network and storage) servers, in five minutes or less.

“Integrating to best-of-breed solutions enables our customers to more successfully leverage server repurposing enabled by infrastructure virtualization” said Chandy Nilakantan, Chief Technology Officer, Scalent Systems. “Driving automated server, network, and storage provisioning through run book automation creates an environment where server tiers are scaled in a deterministic fashion without the delays introduced by manual process.”

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Published Tuesday, April 01, 2008 8:04 AM by David Marshall
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