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One Virtualization Company Wasn't Smiling on April Fool's Day - At Least, not its CEO

On April 1, 2008, it was April Fool's Day.  And like many years before this one, people tried to think up pranks and jokes to play on friends, family and co-workers.  And like the real world, in the electronic virtualization community, pranks were to be had as well. posted an article on their Web site that stated that Parallels had been purchased by Sun Microsystem for $205 million.  Because the Web site is based in Europe, there was a nine hour period before Parallels, on the west coast of the US, got wind of it.  After the post, people began commenting on the story at and it also got picked up by a number of other blogs in the community as fact.  Unfortunately for many, the acquisition news wasn't true, but a practical joke played for April Fools. 

According to ZDNet, Parallels' CEO, Serguei Beloussov woke up to find the news, only wasn't amused. 

When contacted Beloussov on April Fool's he made it clear that Parallels was not up for sale. "Sun buying us for $205m, this is definitely an April Fool's joke," he said in a email. "We have not and are not planning on discussing a sale with Sun."

Later in an email, Beloussov made it clear that Parallels had not been involved, but had been affected by the April Fool's Day prank."This rumour has totally skewed [our] numbers — like by [an] order of magnitude," he said. did finally let everyone know - "GOTCHA - APRIL FOOLS", but perhaps not soon enough for Beloussov.

Parallels' Benjamin Rudolph had some fun with it over on the official Parallels Blog:

Interesting idea, but not true. In reality, its the other way around...Parallels is acquiring Sun!
And, in the process, I've been promoted to "Supreme Lord Chancellor of Worldwide Communications". Needless to say, its been a good day.

Now that we've scooped up Sun, its time to move on to our next acquisition targets. Here are a few that we've got in our sites:

  1. Apple. By buying Apple, we can make it even easier for people to get Desktop for Mac by simply bundling a new Mac with every copy. We figure that everyone with a Mac pretty much buys a copy of Parallels Desktop anyway, so why not cut out the middle man?
  2. Microsoft. Fingers crossed that our acquisition of Microsoft goes through. These guys are a real up and comer and I think that they could do some really great things. Mark my words, they're gonna be big, and with our guidance, we can make them HUGE!
  3. BMW. Because the boss likes BMWs. Simple as that.

Oh well.  I assume April 1st 2009 will be much less interesting for some reason.  :)

Published Wednesday, April 02, 2008 8:45 PM by David Marshall
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