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DataCore Introduces SANharmony, Promotes New Feature-Packed Solutions, and Highlights New Virtual Server Customers and "Citrix Ready'' Storage Solutions
DataCore Software, the leading provider of storage virtualization SAN software, used the occasion of SNW Spring 2008 to introduce a breakthrough product in SANharmony, the next generation of storage virtualization that harmonizes NAS with SAN. DataCore also underscored the traction its new SANmelody-based Feature Packed Solutions are garnering by making the virtual enterprise a reality at SMBs throughout North America. Additionally, DataCore promoted its most recent industry success in becoming the first Citrix Ready storage virtualization solution a distinction that is already paying dividends in the marketplace.

SANharmony New Virtualization 2.0 Platform That Integrates SAN and NAS

With SANharmony, DataCore is bringing to the market a new framework that integrates and launches storage services and management from within a simple-to-use Windows environment, said George Teixeira, president and CEO, DataCore Software. SANharmony extends DataCore's Virtualization 2.0 program by enabling a new class of storage applications with the virtualization layer harmonizing storage with virtual servers and enabling DataCore services and I/O performance acceleration to be applied to not only the SAN storage but to NAS storage in the network that is allowing Microsoft NAS to benefit from DataCore's SAN performance acceleration and advanced storage capabilities.

The first new storage applications announced with SANharmony are DataCore's thin provisioning, fail-safe data protection and high-speed caching functions for NAS volumes. From this significant announcement DataCore will follow with other solutions that enable the underlying SAN and NAS storage to work seamlessly with Virtual Servers. DataCore will start shipping SANharmony during Q2 2008.

Storage is becoming increasingly a software topic and with DataCore it has become an application like any other. DataCores portable software enables storage to be delivered as a network service. The companys latest enhancements go one step further: they enable the NAS world to gain the advantages of DataCores SAN virtualization capabilities. DataCore fundamentally adds performance, advanced features like thin provisioning and scalability to the underlying NAS resources.

Feature-Packed SAN Virtualization Solutions for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

DataCore also highlighted its new, SANmelody-based Feature-Packed Solutions that include automated high availability for fail-safe data protection as well as remote site disaster recovery together in one package. These solutions provide the simplest and most affordable way on the market to get started fully realizing the cost savings and productivity benefits of a full-featured, virtual SAN that can scale and survive hardware obsolescence.

Just like DataCores SANmelody, SANsymphony, and Traveller (for continuous data protection), the Feature-Packaged Virtual Storage Solutions run on VMware, Microsoft VS, Oracle VM, SUN VM, Virtual Iron and Citrix XenServer virtualization platforms, or Intel/AMD based hardware servers and blades. DataCores Feature-Packed Virtual Storage Solutions support capacities ranging from 2TB to 32TB and start from $4,500. All the Feature-Packed solutions include auto-allocating thin provisioning storage support, SANmotion data migration technology, storage performance acceleration caching software, snapshots for fast disk backups, auto failover and auto recovery data protection via synchronous network mirroring as well as remote site IP mirror replication for disaster recovery.

All Feature-Packed Virtual Storage Solutions can also be easily upgraded to fully support Fibre Channel connections giving companies the ultimate flexibility in choice of network, without requiring the customer to pay for the choice in advance. DataCores Feature-Packed Virtual Storage Solutions support a range of capacity 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 8TB, 16TB and 32TB, and are available immediately. To learn more visit:

Making the Virtual Enterprise a Reality: Fast, Affordable and Flexible Solutions Simplify IT and Maximize Business Agility for Customers

DataCore provides resellers and system integrators with cost-effective and affordable SAN and iSCSI solutions that do for storage what VMs do for servers, said Carlos M. Carreras, vice president of sales and business development, DataCore Software. Our partners and their large and loyal base of clients understand that the movement to virtualization goes beyond server virtualization.

New DataCore + VMware customer: The State Group. The foundation for our realizing Total Enterprise Virtualization is DataCores SANmelody, said Ralph Marascio, IT Manager, The State Group. Now, we have fully virtualized our infrastructure. It is easy to create new servers if we need them because everything is virtualized and running on SANmelody.

New DataCore + Virtual Iron customer: Trading Places. We needed virtualization for flexibility and to consolidate servers and our growth of storage, however, we couldnt afford to compromise the performance or our need to protect the data and avoid downtime, said Christopher Cunningham, IT manager, Trading Places. DataCore works hand-in-hand with Virtual Iron and it delivers the high speed storage performance that we need to do our business.

New DataCore + Citrix XenServer customer: Sherron Associates. SANmelody made it easy to set up a high-availability SAN to support our move from an aging server farm to new XenServer-based systems, Gayle Spencer, network administrator, Sherron Associates. Moreover, we were able to re-purpose existing hardware to run the SAN simply by purchasing some additional hard drives. The DataCore SAN just works and provides peace of mind that my system is secure. It does absolutely everything that it should and makes things far more simple and flexible.

DataCore storage virtualization extends virtual infrastructure all the way through to storage, providing dramatically improved storage utilization, flexibility and cost savings, together with enterprise-class, SMB-priced, storage control and data protection. At the same time, DataCore technology helps users get the most out of their investments in Virtual Machines by eliminating the physical storage road block.

DataCore Storage Virtualization Solutions Are First Citrix Ready SAN Solutions for Citrix XenServer

DataCore SANmelody and SANsymphony virtual storage SAN solutions are the first SAN solutions to be verified for Citrix XenServer in the Citrix Ready program ( At Sherron Associates, Inc., a property management firm located in Bellevue, Washington, DataCore partner Moose Logic has completed a SANmelody deployment that was done in conjunction with Citrix XenServer. Going virtual with Citrix XenServer and DataCore SANmelody was the most practical thing for the firm to do because it could cost-effectively virtualize and consolidate their storage resources and its entire server farm, consisting of seven servers, onto just two servers using XenServer and SANmelody as opposed to purchasing five or six brand new hardware platforms.

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