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VirtualLogix Unveils VLX Support for Power Architectures
VirtualLogix, Inc., the Real-Time Virtualization company, today announced that its VLX for Network Infrastructure is now available for Power Architecture based processors. Using VLX virtualization software, multiple operating systems may run simultaneously on shared hardware, enabling networking and telecommunication equipment manufacturers to inject new functionalities into existing product lines and extend product lifecycles while slicing costs by consolidating existing products into a multifunction system.

VLX for Network Infrastructure, supporting Power Architecture, speeds the adoption of rich open source software by combining Linux with real-time operating systems (RTOS) on shared hardwareall without compromising the systems deterministic real-time behavior. This seamless integration is due to the advanced capabilities of VLX that allow multiple guest operating systems to run simultaneously in a number of different configurations based on performance and security criteria. As a result, users can extend the lifetime of existing designs by adding extra partitions to run upgraded or new features and consolidate functionality. By simplifying the hardware design, organizations reduce bill-of-materials and development costs, and reduce power consumption.

New VLX for Network Infrastructure, supporting Power Architecture, features include:

  • Real-time Virtualization allows developers to run a combination of guest operating systems including Linux and a customers choice of real-time OS while keeping the real-time performance characteristics of their overall system.
  • Consolidation of hardware platforms developers can consolidate Linux and mission-critical environments onto a single hardware platform, reducing system complexity and product bill-of-material costs.
  • Introduces support for Freescales popular PowerQUICC processors - includes support for the Freescale PowerQUICC processors and IBM PowerPC® 750 microprocessor.

VirtualLogixs support for Power Architecture-based systems, such as the Freescale PowerQUICC processors, maximizes organizations investment in the architecture by bringing existing designs upgraded or extra functionality without sacrificing performance, said Mark Milligan, Vice President of Marketing, VirtualLogix. More and more organizations are caught in product release delays, causing exponentially higher budgets. VLX for Network Infrastructure virtualization addresses these concerns head on, delivering software that adds the power of multicore CPUs in a single processor environment, saving these organizations the time, money and efficiency they cant afford to lose.

Published Tuesday, April 15, 2008 6:44 PM by David Marshall
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