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Desktone Announces Industry’s First Solution that Delivers Virtual Desktops as an Outsourced Service
Desktone, Inc., provider of the first solution that enables desktops as a service (DaaS), today announced the Desktone Virtual-D Platform, which is designed specifically to enable service providers to offer hosted, subscription-based virtual desktops.

Desktones solution helps enterprises quickly realize the full benefits of centralized virtual desktops without having to build and deploy the infrastructure internally. It dramatically reduces desktop TCO, transforming computing costs from fixed CAPEX to variable OPEX. Service providers benefit from optimizing use of their data center assets while delivering a new highly scalable, value-added service to customers.

Theres a tremendous amount of industry interest in virtual desktop computing. It can reduce desktop costs, improve manageability and enhance security. However, because it is very difficult for enterprises to implement, wide-spread adoption has been slow, said Harry Ruda, CEO, Desktone. Desktone eliminates the complexity and speeds the on-ramp to virtual desktop computing by transforming desktops into a cost-effective, highly scalable subscription service. Were extremely excited about the opportunities this affords enterprises and service providers.

We wanted to transition to virtual desktops because of the potential cost savings, security and flexibility benefits, said Carl Freeman, Director GTI, Head of US Site Support, Merrill Lynch. Desktones solution is managed in a single framework, hosted through service providers, and built upon an open architecture that enables us to swap in best-in-class virtualization technologies as they become available.

Using Wyse thin clients with Desktones Virtual-D Platform, customers can achieve a meaningful reduction in capital and operating expenses while realizing the promise of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) computing, said Ricardo Antuna, Vice President of Business Development, Wyse Technology. Desktones DaaS approach, when coupled with our thin clients, offers enterprises a turnkey VDI solution where all desktops can be managed and run centrally for greater overall efficiency.

"Large service providers -- already operating in highly competitive markets -- are seeing new Web-based services spring up all around them while traditional communications services diminish in revenue potential. Delivering the end-user PC experience as an Internet service -- with rapid provisioning of myriad existing applications, email and data storage assets -- offers a lifeline to these providers," said Dana Gardner, principal analyst, Interarbor Solutions. "By targeting the largest-scale performance and integration needs of service providers -- and their enterprise-class customers -- Desktone is turning desktop as a service from a vision into both a provider business opportunity and a huge cost-saver for user organizations."

Desktone Virtual-D Platform

The Virtual-D Platform simplifies large-scale virtual desktop provisioning and management, enables greater protection of corporate desktop assets, and delivers much more consistent and reliable desktop service levelsall while reducing desktop total cost of ownership by $300-$800/desktop/year. It is the only solution that integrates all desktop virtualization layers through a single, automated selfservice platform, and enables desktops to be delivered as a subscription service.

Desktones DaaS model consists of two distinct tiers: enterprise and service provider. The Virtual-D Platform integrates all VDI functionality while separating the enterprise and service provider tiers. This allows enterprises to manage a virtual desktop environment supported by physical resources owned and maintained by a third-party, and that reside either at the enterprise or at a service provider.

The Virtual-D Platform is a set of components and services that align with the enterprise and service provider tiers, enabling the delivery of highly scalable DaaS environments. The two tiers are tied together with Desktones Access Fabric a set of distributed services that provides the association between authorized users and their virtual desktops.

  • Enterprise Tier:

Desktone Virtual-D Enterprise Center:

Web-based management interface for the enterprise desktop administrator, which enables IT staff to leverage the same administration tasks they use in a physical desktop environment. Designed to support large user populations, it provides virtual resource management, virtual desktop administration and template lifecycle management.

Desktone Virtual-D Portal:

A self-service, policy-based portal that enterprise users can access from any browser. With the Virtual-D Portal, users can access their existing virtual desktops as well as manage those virtual desktops or even create new ones, without relying on a system or desktop administrator.


  • Service Provider Tier:

Desktone Virtual-D Element:

The building block of a virtual desktop utility grid, Virtual-D Elements are racks that include all the hardware, virtualization resources and software required to support virtual desktops. Built by Desktone partners or service providers, as self-contained, independent modular units of desktop service delivery, Virtual-D Elements make it easy for service providers to scale DaaS environments.

Desktone Service Grid:

A framework that ties individual Virtual-D Elements into a virtual desktop utility grid. The Service Manager creates a loosely coupled "federation" of Elements, manages pools across Elements, and collects data on Element status.


  • Desktone Access Fabric:

The Access Fabric is a unique offering from Desktone that links the two separate worlds of the enterprise and the service provider. Its an intelligent system that automatically delivers best-fit desktops according to user entitlements, policies, access location and available resources.

To learn more, view the webinar: Introduction to Desktone Virtual-D Platform.


The Virtual-D Platform is available as part of a hosted service through authorized Desktone partners. Enterprises can click here for more information. Service Providers who are interested in delivering Desktone-enabled DaaS can click here.

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