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KVM Sponsor Premiers Desktop Virtualization
Qumranet, the commercial sponsor of KVM, announced today the general availability of Solid ICE(TM) - virtualization software that enables corporations to significantly reduce the costs, complexities and risks of desktop PC deployment and management.

By centrally hosting desktops in KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) on servers in the corporate data center, Solid ICE (Independent Computing Environment) gives IT administrators greater control over desktop image management, provisioning management, policy enforcement and security. Solid ICE also offers IT managers easier access to remote desktops to provide maintenance and support, as well as instant, inherent disaster recovery. In addition, businesses deploying a green IT strategy can achieve a savings of up to two thirds on electric power with Solid ICE.

Unlike Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), other retrofitted server virtualization solutions, and Terminal Services models, Solid ICE provides a complete desktop experience for end users running a thin client or repurposed PC. Entire Windows and Linux desktop environments are hosted centrally and administered from a single control point. Leveraging the open-source KVM hypervisor, SPICE remote rendering technology, and a robust, purposefully built management system, Solid ICE delivers a superior desktop experience.

With an estimated 500 million business PCs installed globally, and less than five million running virtualization software in 2007, the market opportunity for desktop virtualization is immense.

"The annual TCO per desktop is in the $3,000-$5,000 range, so there are literally billions of dollars spent annually to keep existing desktop environments operational," said Benny Schnaider, Qumranet's CEO and co-founder. "There is a need for more flexible, independent and secure computing environments, like Solid ICE, that can substantially reduce this inefficient TCO equation."

"Qumranet has developed from the ground up, a virtualization platform specifically for hosting virtual desktops on remote servers. Through their adaptive remote rendering technology, and virtual machine software, Qumranet's solution should be a strong competitive offering in the burgeoning desktop virtualization market," said Michael Rose, Research Analyst, IDC.

"Qumranet's concentrated focus on virtual desktops is its greatest strength. That focus brings architectural and management advantages over its competitors. Qumranet is not trying to also solve all the problems of server virtualization -- just those associated with virtual desktop deployments," said Anne Skamarock, Research Director of Focus Consulting, as quoted in the recent Focus Solution Profile on Qumranet, published as part of the Focus "Desktop and Application Delivery Alternatives" Research Series.

"Working with Solid ICE, we have found the integrated remote rendering technology, SPICE, to be indistinguishable from the physical workstation," said DK Singh, president at DATANET, Inc. "In fact my users have to change the color scheme of the virtual desktop to differentiate it from the physical one."

Solid ICE benefits for IT departments:
- Fully-integrated, "out-of-the-box" desktop virtualization solution
- Centralized management, storage and policy enforcement
- Instant provisioning of new desktops
- Significant reduction of desk-side visits
- Near-zero downtime in the event of server failures
- Significant reduction in the cost of new application deployment
- Robust desktop image management capabilities
- Normal 2-3 year PC refresh cycle extended to 5-6 years or more
- Energy consumption costs reduced dramatically

Solid ICE benefits for the end user:
- Existing desktop-like performance including multiple monitors, bi-directional audio/video, streaming video, USB support etc.
- Ability to access the users' enterprise desktop environment from any PC, (including the employee's home PC)
- Desktop computing power on demand
- Multiple desktops on demand
- Self provisioning of desktops (controlled by policies)
- Zero downtime in the event of client failure

Pricing and Availability
Solid ICE is available for production or other deployments priced per concurrent virtual desktop. To find out about volume discounts, 30-day free evaluation versions and how to purchase Solid ICE, please visit

Published Wednesday, April 30, 2008 6:28 AM by David Marshall
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