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Trustware Releases New Version Of Desktop Security Software, Enhancing Consumer Privacy Protection
Trustware™, the leader in application virtualization security technologies, today unveiled a new version of its powerful security software application, BufferZone™ Pro 3.0. With close to 2 million installations worldwide, BufferZone has become the de-facto standard for browser and application based virtualization security. By creating a “buffer zone” between the Internet and the users’ local PC environment, consumers can browse the Web, chat on IM, open email attachments, download files and other confidential information – all without the fear of malware attacks.

Trustware’s patented approach to security is fundamentally different to traditional security solutions and thus – makes a perfect weapon in the fight against ongoing internet based threats. It complements existing security solutions by automatically protecting the user against malware, zero-day threats, electronic vandalism, identity theft or any other forms of stealing or spying of confidential information (data leakage) on their PC.

“Conventional security solutions have always imposed restrictions and inconveniences on users,” said Martin Hack, vice president of marketing at Trustware. “BufferZone Pro can reconcile this dilemma by providing leading-edge security—and the freedom to do whatever you want—without being afraid or restricted.”

BufferZone Pro 3.0 Creates “Privacy Zone”

While BufferZone Pro is well-known for creating a virtual “buffer zone” around Internet facing applications, BufferZone Pro 3.0 adds a new feature called “privacy zone”. Beginning with Version 3.0, users are now able to both encapsulate their browser session and create a list of trusted Web sites used for confidential transactions such as banking, online trading or Intranet sites. Once defined, these trusted sites will always open within the “privacy zone,” thereby preventing identity thieves from stealing or gaining access to sensitive information such as social security numbers, banking information, or passwords. With BufferZone Pro 3.0, consumers can safely browse their favorite Web sites, as well as shop and bank online, without being afraid.

BufferZone Pro: How It Works

Based on virtualization technology, BufferZone Pro creates an impenetrable barrier that isolates Internet activity like Web browsing, instant messaging and peer-to-peer downloads, from the actual underlying PC’s operating system. This approach eliminates the need for file and traffic scanning as well as analysis of malicious code. Similarly, BufferZone Pro requires no signatures or security updates to perform its work. Its “set and forget” approach not only provides constant, always on protection, but also acts as an ideal partner for desktop firewalls and existing anti-virus solutions.

In addition to browser security, BufferZone Pro protects PCs from downloaded content such as files or binaries. Consumers can use downloaded documents, music files, or applications as they always have. The product ensures that such activity will always happen within an isolated environment; even if a file is infected, it will be contained within the “buffer zone”.

"The staggering rise in new and more sophisticated Web-based attacks makes it clear that a new approach to endpoint security is needed," said Eric Ogren, principal analyst at the Ogren Group. "Organizations should be looking more to virtual approaches that isolate a browser and other executables to prevent a PC from becoming permanently infected in the first place."

Pricing and Availability

BufferZone Pro 3.0 for Windows XP is available immediately. Its suggested retail price of $39.95 includes one year of service and maintenance. BufferZone 3.0 for Windows Vista is available as a free beta version. Both can be downloaded at

Published Tuesday, June 17, 2008 6:12 AM by David Marshall
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