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Will Microsoft Hyper-V 1.0 be enough to take on VMware?

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VMware is credited with being the first company to offer a commercially available x86 virtualization platform solution back in 1999.  And as it happens, in 2003, Microsoft smelled an opportunity unfolding and acquired its own virtualization technology from Connectix.  Since that time, Microsoft has tried to steal away market share from VMware with products like Microsoft Virtual PC and Microsoft Virtual Server.  To do so, the Redmond Giant even began unloading its virtualization software on the market for the unbelievably low price of free!  And while the company was able to achieve millions of downloads of its virtualization software, it seemed to do little to unseat the undisputed virtualization giant, VMware.  

So while "Microsoft versus VMware" seemed to have the right title to sell tickets, Microsoft just didn't have the right ammunition to make this battle the title fight that people were looking forward to watching.  In spite of lacking an arsenal, it was apparent that a battle between Microsoft and VMware was brewing... and it wouldn't take the likes of Don King to promote it either.  The fight was inevitable.  

Even though VMware has the lion's share of the market today, Microsoft is no stranger to entering a market that is so dominated by a single player.  For crying out loud, people still bring up ‘Microsoft versus Netscape' and ‘Microsoft versus NetWare'.  Both markets were dominated by a strong player with a solid product, and yet Microsoft still entered the fight with a less than equal product, only to come out on top in the end. 


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Published Thursday, July 10, 2008 7:41 PM by David Marshall
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